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Greenix Pest Control Reviews Galloway, OH

Most pests and rodents don’t go away when winter approaches, so your pest control company shouldn’t either. Greenix provides four-season protection from pests such as wasps, ants, spiders, occasional invaders , ticks, fleas, making the cut gary autistic mosquitoes, and rodents like mice, rats, and voles. Some plans even involve rodent andtermite baiting. Let’s look at some of the plan options that Greenix currently offers and why they might be necessary on your property.

Greenix technicians do a detailed sweep of each section of your property and remove insect nests and webs. They then apply waterproof dust to these areas. Sometimes the first treatment may not completely eradicate the ant population in and around your home, in which case a follow-up treatment will be applied within a month of the initial treatment. Great service and very professional technician. Explained in detail the scope of the work and gave immediate feedback on what he found during his visit.

I tried for years to get rid on little ants using many different methods. Yes, Greenix Pest Control offers eco-friendly accreditations. Yes, Greenix Pest Control offers free project estimates. We had concerns with chipmunks making their way into the house and with insects inside the house (e.g. ants in the bathrooms). I think it was $110 for the season and they would come out and they would do three applications or something like that. I think they were told that they needed to call me before they would come and I think it was one or two times that they didn’t and I wasn’t home.

As the largest platform for buyers and sellers of property to connect in a transparent manner, Magicbricks has an active base of over 15 lakh property listings. Aptive Environmental is an ideal pest control company if you are concerned about eco-friendly solutions. It’s not available nationwide, so check to see if you’re in the service area before moving forward. If Aptive has no nearby locations, you’ll have tohire another pest control companythat fits the bill.

I hope they continue to do what they are doing and that their techs stay friendly and personable while still begin professional. Any time we need them to come out in between regularly scheduled visits, it has always been very easy to get it scheduled and they are very friendly and polite. If we call them about some specific problem, the problem seems to go away when they treat it. Christopher L has been doing our mosquito treatment and I am impressed with the care he and his team have taken to make sure we are covered. Read on to discover The Good, The Bad, and The Bottom Line about Greenix, as well as view Greenix reviews from verified customers.

2Attract positive reviews; invite best customers to take the satisfaction survey. The technician was very nice and he did a good job helping me understand some bug things that I didn’t know prior. I’m hoping that this service ends my ant problem.

By doing research and think about a buying decision for at least a day, people can protect themselves from door-to-door scams. Luckily, there are a myriad of online resources to help people avoid being wrongfully persuaded by artful salespeople. To share feedback or ask a question about this article, send a note to our Reviews Team at

It’s a great way to spend a summer when you want/need money to spend during the school semester. It’s not for the lazy, faint of heart, or cheaters. It takes hard work, but the pay out is better than you’ll see anywhere else that a college student can work for just 4 months and make over a normal years earnings. I loved the ethic of hard work and integrity that is spread throughout the company.