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Gordons Well

Gordon Wells RV Park is located in the desert near the Imperial Sand Dunes near Interstate 8 in southeastern California. I loved that Park’s hosts Dee, Russell, and Thomas. I have the most amazing luck when it comes to meeting awesome folks.

The most amazing and expensive vehicles descend on the area to showoff. One day and one night trip to Glamis is something to experience, “TOTAL CRAZINESS!!!!! I was fortunate to experience all the major holidays without incident. Preserving and promoting the symbiotic relationship between off road enthusiasts and the wildlife of the Algodones Sand Dunes. Map for driving directions to Gordons Well RV Park and Storage using location coordinates for plotting the map.

Only golf carts are permitted – ATVs, UTVs, scooters, and the like are not permitted. Please inquire prior to your stay if you are unsure regarding the status of your unit. Gordons Well RV Park and Storage is just west of the open camping spots at Gordons. Allot of people store their trailers there so they don’t have to tow them back and forth. Camping is also nice on the other side of Gordons on Olgiby road.

When I wasn’t riding with Greg, I would alert Thomas or Russell that I was leaving the park to play. When alone, I would either stay near Test Hill or the front of Buttercup, which is the opposite terre haute indiana social security office side of interstate 8 both are easy to get to in need of emergency. Golf Carts are permitted as transportation within the campground with the required annual golf cart registration.

Group Rate is not available for holiday rentals or during the month of July. Group Rate is not available for holiday rentals or during the month of July.. I loved that the Test Hill area was pretty calm compared toGlamis. You can easily access Glamis from Gordon Wells with a trip down “sand highway” or you could traverse the many dune and valleys.

It is important to dispose of human waste properly when RVing. It has received 81 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars. Thank you for accommodating us after hours in the heat of the summer. Your manager Thomas was so kind coming out and opening the gates, even offered to pick us up groceries or ice if we needed!

I need to mention my park mate Greg who stayed at the park for several months because he was a contractor working on the road nearby. I mention him because, it isn’t a good idea to venture out into the dunes alone. There are too many unexpected events that could occur; a crash, heat exhaustion, and or death.

Reservable full hookup sites available summer 2018! Large group camping areas with water and electric reservable for groups of 10 or more sites. Pick your own sites with water and electric still available throughout the campground.

Now you can know where the RV dump Stations are while traveling with a e-book. More information about the RV Dump Station location e-book. At Gordons Well RV Park and Storage, we care about your storage needs and go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with our services. You save the hassle of dragging your unit back and forth to Home. Make it easier on yourself and your Family so everyone can enjoy Your Dune Trip.