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Getting To The Maldives How To Get To The Maldives

Although there are no direct flights from the capital of Tamil Nadu to the gorgeous coral islands, you can pick from a handful of flights with a single stopover within India or abroad. Foreign operators also offer aircraft with great configuration to fly Indians to The Maldives. Some of the options are Bangkok Airways, Mega Maldives, Etihad Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines, SilkAir, Mihin Lanka, Qatar Airways, Saudia, Cathay Pacific, flydubai, Emirates Air Asia and Singapore Airlines. Select from a wide choice of Indian carriers and international airlines for your trip to The Maldives. Air India, Indigo, Go Air and SpiceJet are some of the local airlines in India with excellent connectivity to Malé International Airport. Hulhulé is the official airport island of The Maldives, with Velana International Airport being the major airport that handles most of the international air traffic.

There are about 1,200 little islands in The Maldives, most of which are private. Just about 200 of these islands are public, inhabited by the local Maldivians. Most of these islands measure barely 2 kilometres in length, with an even smaller width of about 200 metres. The only exception is the island of Gan in the Addu Atoll, which stretches to almost 250 km. Complimentary Chauffeur-drive is available in over 70 cities for our First Class and Business Class customers.

I’m going to be frank about this, a trip to the Maldives will set you back a few bob. It’s a premium, luxury destination and that’s the honest truth though there are a few ways to make savvy savings while having the holiday of a lifetime. In our experience, the food in the Maldives will be the least of your worries. Every place has a lot of variety on offer and if you have specific dietary requirements, inquire in advance though you’ll be hard-pressed to find a place that can’t cater to you. The Kurumba is the biggest one of the lot and part of this means that it comes with so much to do and see when you’re here.

While travel time to Maldives from US can average more than 20 hours, it all differs from the location you are in the USA. All resorts will offer something special for birthdays, anniversaries and honeymoons, typically baskets of fruit and wine/champagne on arrival, birthday cakes and special floral decorations on your bed. Honeymooners may also receive complimentary excursions or meals buccaneers tattoo designs – it varies depending on the resort. There is one hotel on the airport island, the Hulhule Island Hotel, which is geared mainly for passengers in transit. It’s well equipped with comfortable rooms, swimming pool, bars, restaurants and a spa. As well as overnight rooms and day rooms , they offer a lower tariff for use of a shower and left luggage rooms and also access to the pool.

Your room is usually right on the beach and there are no roads or cars, bar the odd golf cart used on some larger islands. Maldivians love children and they are thoroughly spoilt wherever they go, having magic tricks performed for them at breakfast or animals made out of palm leaves by the staff. It’s officially called Velana International Airport , and isn’t actually on the capital, Male, but a separate island called Hulhule, a 10-minute ferry ride or short drive over a bridge from Male island. It’s quite a sight to approach from the air, looking rather like a huge aircraft carrier sitting in the sea.

In some places, it is illegal to take pictures of certain buildings. Information aboutdual nationality, orprevention of international child abductioncan be found on our website. For further information about customs regulations, please read ourCustoms Information page. For a list of prohibited items from entry into the Republic of Maldives, visit theMaldives Customs Service websitefor the most current information. Read the country information page for additional information on travel to Maldives.

The journey time to The Maldives varies from two and a half hours, for direct flights, to almost 10 hours for flights that have long layovers. The duration is often dependent on the flight route taken by the airline and the number of halts between the Indian city and the Maldives International Airport. Located in the Indian Ocean about 700km south-west of Sri Lanka, the Maldives is a 16 – 20 hour flight journey from Australia. Getting to this remote tropical paradise is fairly straight forward but will require some pre-planning.

The cheapest one-way flights can be found for under INR 8,000 per head. When visiting any of the inhabited islands of the Maldives, remember to respect the local laws and customs. That means no alcohol, no public displays of affection, and conservative clothing; bathing suits, for instance, are strictly off-limits. That can be something of a culture shock for some travelers, especially since these rules don’t apply on resort islands — so plan accordingly. It is difficult to predict when award availability will be released.