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We reached out to Bcn Advisors as we wanted to buy a flat in Barcelona. Yolanda contacted us straight away to better understand what we were looking for; she organized a number of visits based on our criteria. MariCarmen guided through the visits – her knowledge of the market, the various areas was v valuable as we didn’t know Barcelona extremely well. We made an offer on a property and started dealing with Raul, the commercial director.

They have put us in contact with good partners both at the bank and at the lawyer. Dear sir,i want to sell 1BHK 649sq.ft carpet arear.completion of 1998 in good condition near vishrantwadi yerawada pune 41106,i am looking after the buyer since feb2018 it vacant as i want to sell . A letter of allotment is a document that, when given to the buyer, serves as evidence that the property described in the allotment letter has been allotted to the holder of the document. Following the completion of all of the preceding steps for how to sell a flat, the most crucial part begins, which is the documentation of the necessary documents. We will accompany you during the 100% of the process, until the signing.

After the documentation has been cleared, the parties can enter into a sale agreement and confirm the terms and conditions, preparing the sale deed. An agreement to sell comes before the execution of brett boles a sale deed. The seller and buyer also sign and execute this agreement on non-judicial stamp paper. This document includes the terms and conditions and the seller’s intentions to sell his property.

Are you thinking of selling or renting your apartment and you don’t know how much it is worth? Do away with any doubts you may have and get your apartment evaluated for free by one of the numerous real estate websites, useful tools, and apps. We can arrange visits with the client and make sure they have all the information they need. When the client is still interested after the visit, we will gather all the documents needed, such as a copy of the ID, working contract, last three payslips, bank statement etc. When the client wants to buy/rent it, we will handle your potential buyers/renters and your apartment with professional care. Putting the sale of a property in the hands of a Real Estate Agency, will provide all the peace of mind that you will only have to deal with their agents when it comes to knowing how the operation is going.

Attempts to bring down the rating of a competitor by submitting a negative review will not be tolerated. I have been dealing with Urbane Realestate for a couple of years now and have experienced outstanding service. The agent dealing with me Ms. Katya has been very helpful in understanding my requirements and presenting me with several options. Once I made my selection, they helped me with various process from finding a law firm, to setting up my local bank account to meeting with the developer. The service I received was over and above what I expected. We believe in reducing the stress for property investors in Barcelona by providing personalized, expert management services that ensure your assets are taken care of.

The cookie is used to store and identify a user’s unique session ID in order to manage the user session on the website. It is a cookie session and is deleted once all browser windows are closed. It is then necessary to add the ‘premium’, or simply said, the price that will differentiate your apartment than a similar one without a licence. You’ll be able to save your favourite searches and properties, share links to your favourites with family and friends and easily request information on all your saved properties. I agree with the privacy policy I agree to the transmission of my data. Yes, there are options at this property that have a balcony.