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Gear Progression & Failstacking Guide

If you’re still unsure what you should be doing next or want specific advice on your gear, feel free to hop into our discord and ask questions in the help section. I have 25% from rod and another 25% from tier 3 otter and my time is 90 seconds. You can take out more than one pet with the Fishing Buff, but only the highest buff will be used.

Apprentice and Skilled Fisher’s Uniforms are obtained via quests. One thing to keep in mind is that the water tables are shared across all channels. This means even if your channel is empty, your favorite fishing spot might be Exhausted. In order to alleviate the difference among Life Skill levels, the required EXP and obtained EXP have been readjusted for Hunting, Training, Farming, and Sailing.

There are two daily quests, with a short pre-requisite quest chain. This pet is called Newborn Crimson Dragon or Newborn Golden Dragon. It’s a Rare pet type and available periodically during certain Events. All Pets have an RNG chance to gain a skill that increases Fishing Rank +1. Pets can also have permanent talents that decrease Auto-Fishing Time and/or improve Durability Loss.

You can get the naru accessories by exchanging Beginner Black Stone x5 at Fughar. Green Epheria Caravel/Galleass parts can be tapped to +10 without any failstacks needed or you can use very low failstacks. You craft Fisher’s Elixir by using an Alchemy Tool in your Residence. There is a slight chance of obtaining Skilled Fisher’s Elixir when producing Fisher’s Elixir, if your Alchemy level is Professional 1 or above. Young Crimson Dragon can only be obtained via a lucky Market Pre-order or a very rare drop.

You may also want to use Cron Stones when enhancing expensive and rare accessories. Balenos Fishing Rod is a very tough Enhancement after +7. After +7, it’s possible for the Balenos Fishing Rod to downgrade on Enhancement failure. In other words, your +7 fishing pole has a chance to drop to +6 on Enhancement failure. Blessing of Kamasylve gives you a nice buff to rare drops chances.

Fishing Rank or Level can be increased up to a maximum of 5. Right-click the treasure map to receive a treasure hunting quest. I would like to upgrade a Balenos Fishing Rod to +7 and i would appreciate if you can tell me how much Failstacks do i need for each upgrade.

However, the travel time and boat building time dissuades many from going here. An Item Brand Spell Stone can be used on a Balenos Fishing Rod. This will dramatically increase your AFK fishing time by reducing the Durability Consumption of the rod by windows defender bug fills windows drive 50%. This $4 item, effectively doubles your fishing time. It also reduces the cost to repair a Balenos Fishing Rod by 33%. After that, it’s all about whatever you can find that has -% autofishing time on it, like further enhancing your Balenos rod.

With a distance bonus of 146.43%, it gives near the maximum allowed distance bonus of 150%. If you are willing to go further into Central Margoria Sea, you can get the max of 150%. Both Kama and Dreighan have higher than normal Ancient Relic Shard drop rates. You can select what grades of fish you want to keep. Using the Discard option, will still keep the “junk” loot that can be Exchanged for goodies. You will also keep all of the green grade rare items like Ancient Relic Crystal Shards.

The black desert online balenos fishing rod is the ultimate fishing tool because … Everybody loves fishing, and in that case, Black Desert Online is undoubtedly an exciting and fun game to play. It gives us the chance to go fishing and various other activities that we do in real life. However, while fishing, one can have some trouble repairing their fishing rods once they get broken. If you are also facing this problem, worry no more as in this article, we will walk you through how to repair fishing rods in BDO.

If you get it to level 10, start putting them into your Griffon Helmet instead. Progression will now start to slow down a bit more. Save up your silver in preparation for buying new gear. Go to Fughar and give him the necklace to complete the previous quest. This will get you to level 61 and will give you the most EXP towards 62. Use whichever accessories are available to you with the best stats.