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Students have taken trips to places such as Jordan, India, Cambodia and Sweden. These projects force students to open their minds to decide which role they want in this world. Courses focus on issues such as refugee and migrant children, development and displacement in the Arab world, and national security and social media.

During a recent visit to Georgetown University, I toured the school, met with students and professors, and even sat in on classes. I learned how Georgetown is dedicated to creating changemakers. People that will go out into our world and truly make a difference.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how different campus life is compared to what I had created in my head. I was impressed with their dedication to underserved communities and to promoting equity in education. Their unique offerings are not just for the student ranked #1 in their senior class. I guess for universities like Georgetown, I always envisioned this cookie-cutter straight-A student.

Come learn how Georgetown University is using a student-faculty relationship management system to transform the higher education experience by empowering students and alumni to form deeper connections with faculty and advisors. Hear the vision behind the strategy of lifelong engagement and how the team built support for this transformative project. My trip to Georgetown University opened my eyes to what it means to be a student today. I found myself finding programs I personally wanted to be involved with.