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I have some silverlight components inside my web application as well, and seldom had any issues with them when going from one version of silverlight to the next. I think the upset around HTML5 vs Silverlight is not about what to do with the upcomming project. Look around and notice all the different platforms you need to target and you will come up with HTML5, even if this means major investment in skills, etc.. Silverlight is the competitive advantage for building killer immersive apps. Rest assured, Silverlight will be shaking the tree for at least another decade.

Now, here we are 10 years later and, surprise, another big change is brewing in Microsoft’s development tools division. You all that think MS won’t drop a technology should go back and read the comment by Fortis Bonitas again. Not only VB but remember ASP and how that was dropped for ASP.Net with no sort of bridge. I really don’t know why some people cling so tightly to MS. MS doesn’t innovate. And when they start getting to far behind they will cut you and your technology off at the knees to do catch up to what everyone else is doing. Right now Google and Apple are racing a bottom up race changing the landscape starting from phones into a tablet market that MS never could get going and both heading into the desktop in their own ways.

Clearly, MS is following the iPhone/iPad immersive user experience business model. HTML5 cross-browser apps with the polished, high performance appeal of native or SL apps are years away. Even multi-touch is far from being uniformly implemented in browsers. So assuming that future versions of ASP.Net will then start emitting HTML5 code the plan seems to be to continue on with business as usual. Select your UI technology, WebForms or MVC or some other variant, and let that technology generate your HTML5 for you.

But over time, the number of applications targeting older frameworks will get smaller and smaller, and hopefully we will be able to switch over to the easier, unified __netX.Y[-platform] __ TFMs completely. In our case we are looking for alternatives to Silverlight where the outcome and UX is the same to what we have developed already. A visually appealing heavy sexy infographics centric application does require Silverlight framework. After experimenting with other open standard non-plugin non-OOB technologies Silverlight still comes as a winner. Fortunately or unfortunately our products are not just textbox and data content types. They are rich and heavy on vector graphics and user interactions…

Most of them even think Windows 8 apps will be easily portable to other devices! If these guys beat you on the market of Windows apps you do not deserve to work as a developer. As Bill Gates once warned, computers have indeed become our silicon masters, pervading nearly every aspect of can you charge your iphone 7 while listening to music our modern lives. As a result, some of the greatest minds of our time have pondered the significance of computers and software on the human condition. Following are 101 great quotes about computers, with an emphasis on programming, since after all this is a software development site.

I mean, standardize on a bytecode/IL instead of a scripting langauge for runtime execution. If you are creating an application for the web that needs images, links and text boxes, some animations and interactivity, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use HTML. With new JavaScript libraries like Modernizr, jQuery along with Polyfills, you can even use many HTML5 features and still have good functionality on ALL major browsers – not just the most recent generation.

Sure, Silverlight worked on the Mac, but Microsoft was forbidden from porting it to the iPhone and iPad. So instead of Microsoft bridging out, they are letting the industry build bridges into Windows. Let HTML 5 and JavaScript be the cross-platform markup and programming language.

Government IT systems are usually purchased with one time capital funds. Often no thought given into anything other than the software’s function. It gets worse when some vendor thinks he can lock your data up in a msaccess or filemaker db lol. Better guidance and realistic example applications using it.

Progress is the leading provider of application development and digital experience technologies. Silverlight 5 – The final version was made available to download on December 9, 2011. New features included GPU-accelerated video decoding, 3D graphics, playback speed controls, remote control, and 64-bit support. Silverlight was the primary development environment for Windows Phone and is based on Silverlight 4. For previous versions of Windows Mobile, the first Community Technology Preview for Windows Mobile 6 was expected in the second quarter of 2008, but it still has not been officially announced. Microsoft has stopped focusing on bringing Silverlight to Windows Mobile 6.x.