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Fiji Vs Maldives: Which One Has Got More Serenity And Luxury?

If you choose the bicycle option to get around, don’t miss looking at some ancient Polynesian temples. Getting to Fiji from the U.S. takes many hours, but it’s relatively easy because there are direct flights from LA to Nadi Airport. Fiji has a hot, humid, and rainy season from December to April. The islands are of volcanic origin, and eruptions occasionally still occur.

I can’t pick between the two – I had SO much fun exploring the underwater paradises of each. Also in my opinion the best beach of any of the resorts in French Polynesia. Our experts have personally traveled to these locations and offer invaluable advice and exclusive offers/ pricing. The Maldives are located in the Indian ocean,20-hour flight with a stop from most US cities, and can be reached by flights from Dubai, as well as Bangkok and a few Europe cities. Also, remember that the Maldives has high import taxes on everything, and labor is more costly.

Apart from beaches and water sports, Maldives and Bora Bora have nothing to offer. There are many flights from Bora Bora to Maldives, but they take a long time. You can check your options for chartering or maybe a private flying vehicle. Just make sure island of tonga time to look beforehand if the destinations offer a landing strip for these. To top it all off, some of these premium accommodations are situated atop the water. They feature glass floors which allow you to admire the beautiful marine life below your feet.

There are no coral reefs in Bora Bora, so not ideal for divers unless you are willing to venture to Rangiroa Island. You can feed stingrays and sharks on an amazing expedition or go jet skiing around the lagoon (about $150 per person for these excursions). Expect to spend $10k+ for two on a trip to Bora Bora for a week with airfare from USA. Go to the Maldivesif you want privacy and seclusion, top-end luxury, food, and service.

Here we are going to discuss 3 popular places that you can visit on your trip to each of these destinations. Bali is clearly the cheaper option as resorts offer rooms starting from USD 300, while resorts in the Maldives offer packages starting from USD 550. Amenities are also cheaper in Bali, making it a more economical pick. In terms of romance and the aura of the location, Maldives is the more romantic option. The island retreats of Bora Bora and Maldives are renowned for spellbinding beauty and immortalizing memories. It surely is hard to select as both of these paradisiacal lands make the heart skip a beat.