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If any data transfers are interrupted for whatever reason, a simple log report will indicate the cause. Once that issue has been rectified, the job can easily be resubmitted based on the customer-specific file, format and transmission preferences. “Since we began using GoAnywhere as our file-transfer workhorse, we have automated things quite a bit,” Hammit said. All of the back-and-forth transactions were once done with manually scripted software and resulted in a hefty workload, in large part because of the alphabet soup of files, formats and delivery vehicles. Fidelity Express currently has a presence in 20 states and the District of Columbia.

In today’s frenzied world of file formats, it’s important for companies to be able to share information freely. As Fidelity Express has learned, this can be easily done with tools such as GoAnywhere. FileCatalyst Enterprise file transfer with UDP acceleration for any file size or format. MFTaaS Explore how GoAnywhere MFTaaS gives you the power to securely transfer files while we take care of setup, hosting, and management.

If you have a PC or laptop and a receipt printer, you’re ready. Our products focus on cash consumers who rely on retail locations rather than banks for their financial support. Our customers are single-store and small chain owners who diligently serve their communities.

Bill payments are handled in a somewhat similar manner, with a few additional steps. Fast File Transfer Fast file transfer solutions can provide a lot of benefits to organizations. Learn how fast file transfer can help with transfer speed even with large data sets.

Gateway Reverse and forward proxy solution for keeping sensitive files out of the DMZ. Managed File Transfer Streamline, secure, and automate data exchange with MFT tool GoAnywhere Secure Managed File Transfer. Purchase reports or subscription to get access to information on legal cases of company in the District Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court of India. There are no open charges registered against the company as per our records. Our products require little to no additional counter space or inventory, are easy to use, and provide immediate value.

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