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Fence Post Brackets, Fixings & Supports Fencing Accessories

Whatever fencing supplies you need, you can count on Toolstation. WAP-OZ Steel To Wood Fence Brackets easily connect wooden rails to 2⅜ metal fence posts, feature screws embedded into the bracket and bendable tabs that can achieve any angle. You can also save time by choosing the 90° Fence Bracket when fencing in oddly-shaped areas or tight spaces. Set up a sturdy and stylish fence with fencing accessories from Wickes. Our collection of fence accessories includes fence post brackets, clips, and caps in various materials, so you can create a seamless design in your outside space. Our metal brackets for wood fencing are made of 18-gauge pressed streel.

Simpson Strong-Tie’s PGT series pipe grip tie brackets are designed for attaching wood rails to metal fence posts. The brackets are available in sizes to fit both 1 1/2-in. Pipe, and with both standard galvanized and ZMAX coatings. Pipe and attaches to rails with either 1/4-in.

At Gregory Fence, we manufacture our fence products—from standalone fence posts to complete fence systems—using domestic steel and meet all Buy America requirements. Convert metal posts to wood fence. Chainlink to wood fence using simple brackets. The Fix-A-Fence is your fast, simple and affordable solution to repair your damaged or broken fence posts, gates, yard sign posts, trees and many other …

The great advantage our bracket and metal post for wood fence system has over all the others is that the 2 x 4 wood rails are butted up to the C-Posts when installed. This unique, adjustable design allows for the steel fence post clamp to adapt to fence posts that are not perfectly plumb. No matter your fence requirements, we have the capabilities to meet rustic gray wood stain your needs. With fence posts, brackets and fittings stocked across the country, we’re available with quick fencing solutions whenever project needs arise. Contact us today to get started on your next perimeter protection project. The Lokk-Latch® “Round” is a gravity latch that’s stylishly designed to fit most diameters of round post gates and fences.

It’s ideal for chain link, including … Anchor your fence posts firmly into the ground with screw-in supports or metal support spikes, which dig deep into the ground to ensure your fence stays put. Wooden fixing pegs are easy to drive into the ground and hold barriers or boarders in place for longer. Our perimeter protection solutions will meet your most demanding security challenges.