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Brent Armstrong grew up in Lebanon and has lived in Nixa for the last sixteen years. He graduated from the Drury Law Enforcement Academy in 2005. Prior experience includes the Chief of Police for the Village of Indian Point for five years and reserve officer for the cities of Miller and Ozark. Brent also worked for St Johns ambulance in Springfield as an EMT for fifteen years. Students who qualify can receive up to $500 in scholarship aid each semester.

To be closer to family, Officer Field attended the Law Enforcement Training Institute Police Academy in Columbia, MO in 2000 and started his career as a Police Officer. Officer Field joined the Battlefield Police Department in October of 2020 and is a Certified Taser Instructor for the department. Officer Field is married with three children and enjoys coaching his son’s youth football team, hunting, SCUBA diving and other activities. “There are a lot of challenges right now because a career in law enforcement is not viewed positively by all,” said Rev. Jimmy Brown, who spent eight years as a police commissioner in St. Louis County.

For instance, in addition to rigorous mental and physical training, you will be pepper-sprayed. If you have to use this weapon on a fellow citizen in your community, you have to understand how it works. Drury said 95% of graduates are recruited by local law enforcement agencies. Bowers said more conversations are needed with leaders in the black community in Springfield and elsewhere for the academy to be viewed as a welcoming place for more minority and female applicants. Tuition for the academy is $6,000 and financial aid is available. Brown, president of the Missouri Baptist State Convention of Missouri, urged Bowers to reach out to high school students and historically black churches.

Recruits will learn proper use and procedure for firearms, defensive tactics, de-escalation, driving, crime scene processing, and other techniques necessary for successful performance as an officer. Chief Drury started his law enforcement career with the Farmington Police Department in January of 2000 as a patrol officer graduating the 122nd New Hampshire Police Academy. In 2002, Officer Drury was assigned to be the department’s Detective.

To be officially admitted to Drury, you must submit aDrury GO application for admission. If you have a high school diploma, please contact your high school as soon as possible and request a transcript to be sent directly to me. If you have a GED or HiSET, test scores must be submitted in place of high school transcripts.

If you are late one minute, you are late 15 minutes — just like a real job. Drury University is offering a scholarship to members of law enforcement who are pursuing a degree through the school’s evening how to tell if you’re a little quiz and online program. Paul Williams has thanked the university for offering this unique opportunity. “I was notified of this new program last month and have made SPD officers aware,” he said.