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The Thouron commitment is so much more than a scholarship – it comes with a much more personal investment from everyone in the team and you are genuinely looked after. Graduates of British universities receive support for up to two years of study – in any degree course – at the University of Pennsylvania, and Penn graduates may study at any university in the U.K. The Award, among the most generous exchange fellowships in the world, pays tuition and a stipend that covers room, board, and such extras as entertainment and travel.

Throughout 2021, we managed The Thouron Award’s social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This included communications planning, content creation and copywriting, scheduling, and community management. The goal was to increase the awareness for the fellowship and to see an overall increase in the number of students who apply each year.

She is currently conducting research on Alzheimer’s at the Penn Neurodegeneration Genomics Center. A crisis counselor for those suffering from anxiety and depression, she also volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House and the Bethesda Project homeless shelter. A nationally ranked chess player, she has been a teaching assistant in Penn’s Statistics Department. Kleidermacher plans to pursue a Ph.D. in population health with the goal of pursing a medical degree in the U.S. and a career combatting Alzheimer’s disease. Each scholarship winner receives tuition for up to two years, as well as travel and living stipends, to earn a graduate degree there. Because of pandemic restrictions, this year’s scholars can start their degrees in 2021 or in 2022.

This extended family, due to the diverse geographical spread of its constituents, is very much a global entity. The Exchange Programme was set up to bring young people of exceptional ability from each country into contact with the ideas and peoples of the other country. The Mitacs Globalink Research scheme is a UK-Canada research mobility programme for undergraduates. Below you will find programmes which are available for Manchester students to attend. Please note that these programmes and their providers are external to Manchester.

The award is granted to eight or nine rising juniors and seniors from Harvard, Yale, and Penn, with typically three students selected from each university. British Fellows have studied in all of the graduate and professional schools of the University of Pennsylvania. American Fellows have attended some 53 British educational institutions, with Cambridge, Oxford im invited destination plantation. what do and the University of London attracting the majority of the Penn students. In the 50 years of its existence, the Thouron Award has played an influential role in the lives and careers of its alumni. As new Thouron Fellows cross the Atlantic each year to take up or continue their studies, it seems that the program of cooperation is growing and strengthening.