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‘excuse me, i love you’: Ariana Grande is giving fans the gift of a Netflix concert film

We’re excited about the fresh start and environment, and leaving BHS was our final step to reach that at our new universities. But recently, I realized there are going to be things I miss. And I know it’s not permanent so that’s why it doesn’t bother me too much, but it’s a big change. I can’t just sit on the couch and take a nap, or practice the saxophone whenever I want. I’m really gonna miss doing errands and listening to music when I drive. The singer announced the partnership on social media Tuesday, saying she is “thrilled” to be working with the company to help make therapy more accessible.

I’ve learned so much academically, emotionally, and socially just by being here for almost 2 months. It feels normal almost now that I got my shit down. I make decisions for myself and it feels good to take care of myself.

Because I’m so burnt out, I don’t always get things done that I need to. Ariana Taveras makes her film debut as the protagonist of Liberty. She is am alum of New York University where she studied in the Experimental Theater Wing and StoneStreet Studios. In addition to her film and television roles, Ariana writes performance music, short stories, and poetry.

2021 doesn’t feel like the end of anything. My new beginnings happened throughout the year. Maneuvering around the social groups of senior year was a new beginning.

Without that, I wouldn’t even fathom having a day of rest on the weekend. A big thing about going to college is letting go of a lot of things to create space for new things. And trust me, there are a LOT of new things. It’s a little overwhelming, but I think I’ll be able to adjust since I’m going early. Letting go was a lot harder than I anticipated. I didn’t cry at graduation or anything because, for the most part, nothing is fully leaving my life.

Even though college keeps me very busy, I had a chance to reflect these past couple days of how my life was actually going here. I realized how much I’ve changed from being in high school, as well as my friends, and it’s a weird feeling. Once we went back full-time in April/May, I got really close with my friends in the other cohort.

I never expected to have my roommate move out after one month of being on campus or joining the rugby team, but I’m glad they happened. It taught me so much socially along with how much I learn academically in classes. I’ve learned so much so far, so I guess I did expect some part of my college experience to be true. I’ve met so many new types of people front two pieces of hair dyed here and it’s fascinating to me to hear people’s stories and how similar and different our lives were. I try to be happy every single day, but it’s soooo draining because I’m not ok. I got this feelings app that my best friend told me about where you do checkins throughout the day and it sends a notification to your friends on how you’re feeling.

I didn’t do many this year because hybrid learning took a toll on me, along with other challenges I faced. There were months where I was miserable, but there were also months I felt like I was on cloud nine. My friend group and I were aching for the moment we never had to see some of our old teachers and classmates again.