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While she potentially stands to be hurt financially because of her prominence in the industry, Rae and Dior “had much to gain” by associating themselves with the plaintiff, the suit states. When other adult performers tweeted their criticism of Dior and others who were spreading rumors about the dog video, Dior doubled down on her accusation, according to the suit. Emily Willis’ Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit filed Tuesday against Gianna Dior and Adria Rae seeks more than $5 million in compensatory damages, plus punitive damages. Representatives for Dior — whose real name is Emily Katherine Correro — and Rae — whose real name is Kiersten Vanbelkum — could not be immediately reached.

Through exposing college women to role models, career paths and skills training before they enter the workforce, PLEN’s mission is to increase the number of women in top leadership positions in the nation’s public policy process. Pluto/dwarf planets Aldwin Gutierrez All planets including dwarf planets and pluto as the last planet but its no longer classified as a planet. “Participants in the adult entertainment industry are heavy users of Twitter, which they use to communicate among themselves and with the general public,” the suit says. This past summer, a video began circulating within the adult entertainment industry of several women engaging in sexual acts with a dog, the suit states. Willis has received calls from several producers and others within the industry asking her whether she was in the dog video, the suit states.

Dior, whose real name is Emily Katherine Correro, and Rae, whose real name is Kiersten Vanbelkum, allegedly tweeted that Willis was one of the women featured in the video circulating online. Each year, PLEN brings hundreds of female students across the country to Washington, D.C. They experience firsthand how public policy is shaped and implemented at the national level. Students engage with and learn from female leaders who are currently making and influencing public policy at the highest levels in Congress, the courts, federal agencies, the private sector, policy research and advocacy organizations, and the media. In addition to learning how systems work at the policy level, PLEN seminars also provide education on important skills, like salary negotiation, professionalism and networking.

The seminars are a great opportunity for William Smith students to start building their own networks, as the women at these seminars are willing to help students in any way they can. Adult film star Emily Willis made headlines recently after she filed a defamatory lawsuit against her industry rivals Gianna Dior and Adria Rae, for spreading the false rumor that she had had sex with a dog. Dior and Rae allegedly named Willis in sports bra brands logos a tweet that perpetuated the shocking rumor, which affected Willis’s career prospects in the porn industry. A Los Angeles porn star has filed a defamation lawsuit against two industry rivals who claimed she was filmed engaging in sex acts with a dog. “Participants in the adult entertainment industry are regular users of Twitter, which they use to communicate with each other and with the general public,” the lawsuit says.