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Emerson College Admission requirements, GPA, IB, SAT scores needed

In 2022, 70% of Emerson’s first-year students submitted their SAT scores with their application. Colleges consider a range of factors when choosing who to admit for their next incoming class. Each college has a different way of determining which factors are they consider most important in the admissions process. When creating your list of schools to apply to, you may want to consider your strengths and any possible weaknesses in your application, and choose schools that prioritize the admissions factors where you’re strong. Schools that are very difficult to get into, like Emerson, accept fewer than 60% of all applicants.

This admissions data tells us that of those who submitted SAT scores, most of Emerson’s admitted students fall within the top 20% nationally on the SAT. For the evidence-based reading and writing section, 50% of students admitted to Emerson scored between 620 and 700, while 25% scored below 620 and 25% scored above 700. On the math section, 50% of admitted students scored between 590 and 710, while 25% scored below 590 and 25% scored above 710. While the SAT is not required, this data tells us that a composite SAT score of 1410 or higher is competitive for Emerson. Coming to the Grade Point Average requirement for admissions, Emerson College needs the applicants to have outstanding academic/GPA scores, as admission to the college is quite competitive.

Fees and tuition are mostly known as sticker prices, and those will be included in the statistics that follow. The application date of Emerson College is in the first month of the year and the application fee will be around $65. Follow & Share this college to get information about admission.

To consider Emerson College a “target” school you should aim for a score of 91. To be a competitive applicant for Emerson College your interior vertical wood slat wall SAT score should come close to the average. If you’re closer to the 1120, you’re likely going to have a tougher time getting accepted.

Applicants for Performing Arts and Film programs are required to submit additional materials to complete their application. Dr. Allen Grove is an Alfred University English professor and a college admissions expert with over 20 years of experience helping students transition to college. In addition to the myriad of activities and events in Boston, student life at Emerson revolves around the more than 80 student-run organizations. Information about the specific organizations on campus can be found at /student-affairs/campus-life/student-engagement-leadership. Undergraduate students can earn a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, depending on which major they select.

With the best programs and course modules, you can start your journey towards higher education with ease. Around one-fourth of the approved applicants received scores, which were considered higher than these ranges. In fall 2020 Emerson College received 13,324 application for under graduation out of which only 5,410 were offered the seat. Therefore, we could say that Emerson College can be a very selective college.

Emerson College needs to see past your test scores and grades – they need to know that you will be a valuable and contributing member of their community. You are more than grades and test scores – your experiences should demonstrate that. Emerson College is a member of the Common Application and Universal Application and requires an Application Supplement for each. Applicants for programs in the Performing Arts, Comedic Arts or Media Production must fulfill additional requirements. Transfer credit is granted for comparable courses from accredited two- and four-year institutions that were completed in the last 10 years with grades of “C” (73% or 2.0) or better.

Emerson College prides itself on its exclusive dedication to communication and the arts. The college has strong programs in theater, journalism, creative writing, and marketing. Emerson’s professional programs are all grounded in the liberal arts, and the school has an impressive 14-to-1student/faculty ratio.