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Tarieg – named after Patron Saint of Lannilis as well as after Tariec Island. Neventer – named after Saint Neverenter who was the brother of Saint Derien. Nevenou – named stuffed animals names after a hero of Breton history, who repelled the army of Charles the Bald. Malo – named after the Saint Malo, who is the fore-bearer of the famous town in Brittany.

Another Breton name to watch out for is Herannuen. As of 2006, it was the second most common Breton name. On the same page, there is a variant on the French name Jocelyn. A Breton name is a name from the French region of Brittany, northwest France.

Here’s a list of Elder Scrolls Breton Names. Female Breton characters have some beautiful Breton names that are full of underlining meanings. The name of a fifth century Breton saint, Mael is a popular boys’ name in contemporary France. If you are on the search for more Celtic name ideas, take a look at this list of Irish names for boys.

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According to some accounts they are descendents of the Druids of Galen, while others claim their culture has Nedic origins. They became a distinct culture following the decline of the Direnni elves, which also created their fractured political structure. Bretons are the result of interbreeding between the Direnni Dynasty who settled in High Rock in the First Era and the local Nede population. The half-elven population was only permitted to marry humans in the region.

They are united because of their culture and language and even though politically they have different beliefs, for the province of High Rock they are ferocious. The naming conventions actually seemed to have evolved over time. In the world of Elder Scrolls, Bretons are likewise identified as Men, not Mer. Remember that Mers, especially the Altmers, consider themselves superior compared to other races. This name is perfect for characters who core on the use and practice of the School of Illusions.

The search for a baby name is an exciting time; looking at ancient dialects or languages can be a great source of inspiration to name your child. It is a bit of a coincidence that the best-known variant of the name is a man named Therezien, a name that may have been created as a joke by a bored King Maurice. Some of the most popular last names in Breton are of Celtic origin, while some are Latin. The Bretons name generator can generate Bretons names.

33.Malo is formed of the Breton words “mach” and “lou” and means “bright pledge”. Saint Malo is a famous Welsh saint, who gave his name to a beautiful port in Brittany. 8.Ewen, Ewan which means “of the yew tree”. The spelling with an “a” is popular in England and Scotland. This was the name of a 6th-century Breton saint.

However this is not a hard rule; there are plenty of unusual names that don’t seem to fit the above pattern. For example, you have men named Ormax, Ulrich, Kastus, Berjac, and Jakarn, and women named Asciene, Daighre, Vimy, Leles, and Tahla. These names do not follow any particular rules, making them hard to analyze.