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Easy Crochet Doll Tutorial Written Pattern & Video Tutorial

Follow the instructions carefully, as you will need to pause your crocheting periodically to add in her features, like the hair and eyes. This crochet doll pattern is made up of separate sections for the body parts and the dress. Several sections are made up using the spiral from a magic circle method, so make sure that you have stitch markers to hand before you begin. This will help you to keep track of the stitches in each row. Crochet doll patterns are generally made with a single crochet stitch using amigurumi techniques. This results in dense crocheted fabric that can be filled without the stuffing poking out.

Let us start off with the simplest and commonest way to crochet a doll, by creating all the individual components and then sewing them together. That would involve crocheting the head, which is a sphere, then the body a cylinder, with the arms and crochet kits for beginners legs being smaller cylinders. The last part of this section, I will talking about sewing them all together. Hi I’ve been doing amigurumi patterns since the pandemic started. I guess you can say I got more into it because there was time to do it.

Both my sister and daughter have always been obsessed with rabbit dolls. This crochet doll is just adorable with her long ears and little bows. I can imagine her with a striped dress so let your imagination free. This crochet project will be super gratifying for you, and your baby girl will be beyond pleased. You can make your own version with a different coloured dress, hair, and skin tone. The pattern is illustrated with many photos and videos to make it easier for beginner crocheters.

I used to love and cherish the ones I had so much when I was a kid – that was many, many years ago -, and the doll that I liked to dress and pamper the most was a rag doll. Because she was soft and easy to dress without having to remove her arms or head. The first time my plastic doll had her arm pop out while putting on her dress, I freaked out. And just like rag dolls, crochet dolls also make great replacements to avoid these “accidents”. The second most common shape used in amigurumi crocheting after a sphere would be a cylinder. Below here I included the body pattern which continues from the head above using beige yarn as well.

I want thank you and let you know how much I appreciate you for all of your tutorials. They are easy to follow and exceptionally written. And thank you for the “green print button” link, I normally find another way to print, but this will make things easier. Start by bending one end of the wire according to the size of your doll leg.

I highly recommend beginning your amigurumi journey by making an amigurumi whale. The reason is that whales are round and spherical, making them pretty close to the most basic building block of amigurumi. Embroidery thread to sew a nose and eyelashes on stuffed animals. If you’re a seasoned crocheter, this term might be new to you too, just because it’s used so infrequently for making the average scarf or hat.

At the end of the row, tie the yarn off to secure your place. Repeat rows 6, 7 and 8 on the opposite side, so that you have a small front and back panel attached. From the end of row 8 of the back panel, attach the yarn and chain 5, slip stitching to the edge of the front panel. Put your crochet hook into the back loop of a stitch next to an armpit marker.