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Do the Celebrities Pay for ‘Celebrity IOU’? Did Kris Jenner Pay?

Celebrity IOU duo Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott help celebrities surprise their personal mentors and friends with a makeover of their house. Let’s be real, usually, when a reality TV show claims to have celebrities, it’s mostly people who aren’t very well known or are past their prime. The show has featured some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry such as Brad Pitt, Viola Davis, and Drew Berrymore. And evidently, getting people to agree to do the show is easier than some people might assume.

“A lot of people wonder if all the surprises, and the terrible news you get during the process, they think—that can’t all be true, but it really is,” Carson Padgett told the VUMC Voice. As a refresher, the show, which premiered in April 2020, follows Drew and Jonathan Scott as they help big-name celebrities surprise loved ones with special renovation projects. Particularly, loved ones who had made a major impact on their lives—and are in need of a home upgrade. Actor and superstar Terry Crews teams up with Jonathan and Drew to deliver his close friend and driver a stunning upgrade to his home’s backyard. Terry pulls out all the stops with a stylish outdoor kitchen, dining space and top-of-the-line outdoor gym. International movie star Kate Hudson joins forces with Jonathan and Drew to give her future mother-in-law an unbelievable, surprise backyard makeover.

However, Jonathan also said that the network only covers the expenses of filming their shows. Another possibility is that the expenses are covered by various sponsors. Considering the publicity the brands would receive from the show and the popularity of the Scott brothers, this is certainly plausible.

The wellness series is one of the most exciting shows in the lifestyle and home makeover sub-genre. In each episode, a celebrity works closely with the Scott brothers to completely john madden betty white makeover a house owned by someone important to them. It’s their way of thanking that special someone, and the various celebrity appearances have become a hallmark of the series.

There’s something about real estate and home design TV shows that people just can’t get enough of. Every time it seems like there couldn’t possibly be any other new ideas for these genres, HGTV reveals they have a new show in the works. That exactly what happened in 2020 when a new series called Celebrity IOU debuted on the network. During each episode, Drew and Jonathan Scott work with a well-known celebrity to help surprise someone important in their life with unbelievable home renovations. Some celebrities choose to gift the renovations to an old mentor while others choose a family member. “Celebrity IOU” is a reality TV series from “Property Brothers” stars Jonathan and Drew Scott.

Given the publicity the brands would receive from the show and the popularity of the Scott brothers, that is certainly plausible. It is also possible that the Scotts have long-standing deals with raw material providers that allow them to secure the materials at a discounted rate. From what we have seen, the renovations are highly personalized and include some luxurious additions to the homes. In one episode, Jeremy Renner renovated a condo for his mom, which makes a strong argument for the ‘Avengers’ star to have paid for the expenses. Well, while that might be the case, it is currently unconfirmed. Various reports have stated that Brad Pitt indeed covered the expenses of the renovation of his makeup artist Jean Ann Black’s home.

Each hour-long episode not only gave fans a peek into the celebrity’s personal life, but the chance to assess their design skills (FYI Melissa McCarthy is a demolition pro!). As the projects took place, the recipients were usually sent out of town on a surprise getaway, allowing the Scott brothers and celebrity guests some time to bust out the tools. The star-studded, uplifting series, features the network’s immensely popular twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott as they help each award-winning celebrity with a special renovation. Besides the items, there is also the issue of labor and other costs that need to be covered. Therefore, it makes sense that the people involved in the renovation, i.e. the Scott brothers, celebrities, the network, and sponsors , have some sort of arrangement that splits the expenses between all parties.

Season 1 of Secret Celebrity Renovation included a star-studded cast of celebrities giving back. He’s not a twin, but he’s just as close with his younger siblings. They might not be triplets, but the three brothers are extremely tight. “There was always sibling rivalry but they build each other up, not tear each other down,” their mother, Joanne Scott, told PEOPLE.