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Detroit Urban Survival Training: Satire or Surreal?

Earlier the three-time UFC champion Georges St-Pierre had stated that UFC success doesn’t translate to street fighting. Consequently, Safety Manager Dale Brown, who owns Detroit’s Threat Management Center, explains why UFC success Doesn’t Translate To Street Fighting. Brown has spent his career training people on how to survive violence.

All participants are required to be on call to protect those who are in need of escort and protection from immediate danger. V.I.P.E.R.S. are also required to volunteer to put their lives on the line for those in need and without any financial incentives. Dale earned his shodan in Shito-ryu and Shorin-ryu karate-do, while also earning rank in a variety of other martial arts. Preventive Threat Management System has significantly reduced and/or eliminated situations that commonly involve civil litigation or criminal prosecution, violence and death. The Preventive Threat Management system creates non-adversarial interactions to create non-violent outcomes. What quickly followed was a trend of parodying DUST all across different social media platforms.

But as the months have passed, neither seems particularly warm and fuzzy anymore. Kowal still thinks Brown’s training is only slightly better than not getting any training at all. “In person, he was very friendly and charismatic,” Kowal says. “I want to say this in a respectful manner because the Brown did show up. But a lot of the techniques that he teaches would not work in a real-life situation.”

Inside the octagon, fighters have to follow a set of rules that are there for their safety. However, what would happen if these pro fighters have to confront someone in the streets where there are no rules, no regulations. Dale’s Instagram naked beaches of spain is full of videos of him showing various defense moves, including the one OBJ recently imitated. Upon graduation from all 25 component certifications V.I.P.E.R.S. are elevated to the status of a certified Threat Management Specialist.

If judges were scoring their conversation, it sure seems like it’d be called a draw. Brown reached out and asked the guy if he would be willing to meet up to test the Detroit instructor’s tactics up close. He was even willing to come to the former pro fighter’s gym in California. “Some of his videos are the most asinine s— I’ve ever seen,” Williams says.