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Details for Yellowstone Season 4 Soundtrack Album Revealed

The album managed to reach the number one position on US Americana. Blind Lover is about a person who wants love in his life. He wants someone who has never seen any color or witnessed any crime. The protagonist also longs for the gentle touch of the lover so that the dancing to hold music feeling becomes real. According to the singer and actor of the show, the setting of the song called for slightly dangerous lyrics. There is always a sense of the fear, especially when there are prying eyes around waiting for an opportunity to kill the protagonist.

The gritty neo-western Yellowstone is responsible for ratings skyrocketing further than your heart rate during shootout scenes. Accompanying the backstabbings and tyranny running rampant throughout Paramount Network’s smash-hit is a star-studded score fit for an equally gleaming cast. It features a catalog of haunting country music from artists like Chris Stapleton, Kacey Musgraves, and Ryan Bingham, who stars as Walker. Last night’s season finale of Yellowstone featured yet more stellar songs on its soundtrack. It’s also found roles for major musicians like Ryan Bingham and, more recently, Lainey Wilson . Music has been a big part of Yellowstone from the jump.

You may recall that the third episode of Yellowstone Season 4, titled “All I See Is You,” featured a tribute to the late singer-songwriter John Prine. Some featured soundtracks from the fourth season are the American musician and nominated Grammy awardee song of the year Hailey Whitters. We’ve listed every soundtrack from Yellowstone and songs from each episode in seasons 1-5.

The all-new season is underway, and it finds John Dutton taking his spot as governor of Montana. The show has upped its musical game with the addition of Lainey Wilson to the cast. It’s the scene right before they try to kill John Dutton, Beth, and Kasey. There was a Red Shahan song and I believe it was during the rodeo scene. His Store on the web site is closed and it shows no tour dates.

As they attempt to defend their land and legacy, relationships are tested. What is the song being played when the Duttons and the Chief and his lawyer and driver are on their way to a meeting with the Governor, AG, Willa and Rourke where the Chief’s lawyer says they will be suing to stop the airport. It’s the scene right before they try to kill John Dutton, Beth and Kasey. It’s called “Not Our Son” from the show’s season 4 soundtrack by Brian Tyler.