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Cuadra Cowboy Boots Mexican Cowboy & Cowgirl Boots

Drawing inspiration from the hustle and bustle of the colorful metropolis of Mexico City — Hermanos Kuromori’s clothing is infused with its architecture, music, and art. The Mexico City-based clothing brand’s founders, Alejandro Sandler and Alex Leon, have taken simple, minimalistic silhouettes and combined them with a contemporary approach, adding bold graphics and logos. Coming out of Leon, Guanajuato Mexico in the early 90’s spanish christmas ornaments the Cuadra brand has established itself to be one of the best boot brands out there competing right along other top brands. Handcrafted, with some help of the highest technology out there to ensure durability, and made from the finest of materials, no two Cuadras are ever the same. Every stitch, stroke and nail are carefully thought out down to the natural marks on the exotic leathers for one great looking and comfortable boot.

Here are 7 Mexican clothing brands to add to your wardrobe rotation. Trokiando, much like lowrider culture, comes with a lifestyle and community that extends beyond cars or in this case, trucks. Gen Z and late millennials have created a community that goes past state lines. With tools like TikTok, Instagram and Youtube fueling the lifestyle, young takuaches have created a whole new internet trend. I was at an outdoor cafe and a guy was at my table trying to convince me to try takuache jeans. I thought it sounded like a pretty cool casual jeans style, but it’s also the kind of thing that most people would just hate.

Mexican designers use their creations as a way of carrying on the unique culture that transformed their society and igniting conversations around political issues. But like Mexico City, the result is playful and exciting – an intoxicating invitation to try something new. Given that Mexico City is praised for its architecture, world-class museums, next-level gastronomy, and flourishing contemporary art scene, it was only a matter of time before Mexican fashion followed suit. Lucky for us, a new crop of Mexican designers is doing their part to cement Mexico City as the coolest and most culturally relevant destination in Latin America. Los Cuhh Official with 35 U.S.-based members who range from years old. Their joined account has helped each member grow collectively and individually on their social platforms.

PAY’S takes Mexico City’s old-meets-new mentality and gives it peyote. The genderless Technicolor clothing designs combine Aztec motifs and tie-die with a dash of Milhouse Van Houten to create something that’s easy to love. These colorful designs will take you from Coachella to Mexico City Fashion Week and back again.

The brand’s FW22 runway collection in Mexico City was influenced by charrería — a centuries-old Mexican horse riding competition. Mixing traditional Charro outfit elements in a very nuanced manner, the designer’s product range includes tops, trousers, accessories, and made-to-order clothing. I can’t find a good photo of takuache jeans in the site’s search results, but there are many images of the style on YouTube. There are also many women wearing takuache jeans who make a living in the fashion industry.

Carefully crafted in the brand’s design studio in Mexico City, gorp-coreish designs pay careful attention to the technical details that are optimized for movement and every lifestyle. Suitable on a mountain trail or in the city, each item is made for the moody Mexico City climate, with a selection of rain-or-shine workwear jackets and breathable nylon trucker hats. While delivering high-quality apparel comes first for the brand, Sandler and Leon’s mission is to introduce Mexican streetwear brands to the rest of the world through storytelling inspired by their home country. It is seen from the brand’s previous collaborations with New Era and Urban Outfitters on capsules.

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