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Do not work a block in the last block on the left side of the work. When you’ve reached the right length, you can start decreasing each row. From here on out, each row will have one less block than the row before it.

The Ry field adjusts the Vertical circular handle. Increasing the Rx or Ry value increases the rounding. Decreasing the Rx or Ry value decreases the rounding.

Please feel free to sell finished items made from my patterns and a link back to for pattern credit would be most appreciated. Do not re-post or claim this pattern or photographs as your own. If you have any questions, please contact me HERE and I will be happy to help. When you work a square in c2c crochet you will begin decreasing on the same row. For more corner to corner crochet project ideas, check out this recent round up.

Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Check off each square you crocheted to keep track of where you are in the graph! You can do that digitally or old-fashion by printing out the graph and using a pen.

Two straight lines where they meet is called the corner. The straight lines which form a plane shape are called its sides. If you are looking for a pattern to test out this technique check out my NEW Snowflake Corner-to-Corner Blanketwhich is a FREE pattern on Red Heart’s Website. The Snowflake Corner-to-Corner blanket also comes with its own video tutorial.

Thank you for your easy to follow instructions! I wanted to make a C2C scarf in wattle stitch but could only find instructions on making C2C squares. Once I read your instructions it was simple to maintain the long sides of the rectangle. All patterns sold here are digital listings that you can access anytime from the 648 credit score credit card Purchases and Reviews section on etsy. Unfortunately, etsy doesn’t allow you to download digital files from the etsy app, so you need to use a web browser to do so. If you purchased a digital listing as a guest, you will find a link to download the file included in the receipt email you received after the purchase.