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Cost of Living in Arlington, TX

Indeed, the average rent has gradually increased in recent years. However, when you consider the overall cost of living in Arlington remains relatively affordable. It’s slightly lower than the cost of living in nearby Dallas, which has an index of 101.6, and a bit higher than Fort Worth, which has an index of 99.8. Arlington, Texas is a city located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area in the U.S. state of Texas. It is the seventh-largest city in Texas, with a population of almost 400,000 people. There are a number of things that I like about Arlington.

If you don’t need to live near I-30 or don’t mind a longer commute, avoid these pricey neighborhoods and search for accommodation in cheaper areas instead. NerdWallet excluded state and local tax data because tax rates vary by state and metropolitan area, and sometimes within metropolitan area as well. Due to the plethora of state taxes, local taxes, jurisdictions and assessment procedures involved in the assessment of income, property and sales taxes, local tax rates cannot be accurately calculated. We’ve collated key stats about the city’s crime rates to help you get started if you’re moving to Arlington. An indicator of healthcare accessibility is the ease or difficulty of receiving care.

If you can switch from a two-bedroom to a one-bedroom apartment, or a one-bedroom to a studio, you could save hundreds of dollars on rent every month. If you’d rather not downsize, consider sharing your space with a roommate. By dividing the cost of rent and utilities, you could lower your costs dramatically.

According to the latest BLS data, consumers average over $7,000 per year on food expenses. You could eat out less, cut back on academy sports memphis tennessee takeout and cook more often. But even then, the price of groceries is going to significantly influence your cost of living.

Our cost of living indices are based on a US average of 100. An amount below 100 means Arlington is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means Arlington, Texas is more expensive. As much as Arlington residents like good food, they know there’s nothing like a vibrant arts and music scene. Arlington likes to flex its cultural muscles and has offerings that appeal to a wide range of tastes — from classical music fans to contemporary art lovers. There are also plenty of free public art options, like the murals and outdoor sculptures in Downtown Arlington.

Additionally, the city is pretty clean because there are a lot of trash cans that are in every park, schools, and major building in downtown Arlington. Nevertheless, the streets are not that bad because I have seen major construction of new streets being made, in order to decrease the traffic here. Although there are a lot of great things in this city, there are somethings that i would like for it to happen.

Our cost of living calculator will give you an estimate of your expected expenditures on food, utilities, transportation, housing, healthcare, and more. Simply pick your marital status and family type from the drop-down. The calculator will give you a breakdown of your monthly spends on food, utilities, transportation, housing, healthcare, and other miscellaneous items to help you determine your cost of living in Arlington. The city’s cost of living is similar to the national average. Arlington’s average annual pay for average jobs is $56,419 and there’s no income tax in Texas.

Arlington may not have the cheapest costs of restaurant prices relative to other cities, but there are advantages that can make Arlington a good place when it comes to meals. Arlington ranked No. 12 with an average monthly expenditure of $1,520.29 — the highest in Northern Texas. Any information relating to real estate for sale referenced on this web site comes from the Internet Data Exchange program of the ACTRIS.

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