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Corner to corner crochet rectangle

The “decrease” term in C2C can be slightly confusing because it has a different effect than we think of in traditional crochet. I really like the effect that c2c gives – the ‘solid’ look of the finished piece. Bella Coco has a brilliant tutorial on about how to make these. Reply Customer Service July 28th, 2022 Hi Molly, I will forward this information to the proper department.

That means that you can adapt it to any crochet stitch worked from one corner to the other. To continue working your rectangle, simply repeat Rectangle Rows 1 and 2 until your rectangle reaches your desired length. Continue working in the c2c pattern to the end of the row, working a block in the last brittany renner side chick ch3-sp as with a normal increase row. You can add a stitch marker to the side where the decreases will be worked to help keep yourself on track if you find it useful. Now you’ve been reminded of how to make the typical square c2c pattern, below I’ll outline how to modify this to create a rectangle.

Tile – We refer to each small individual grouping of three stitches as a “tile.” Each tile corresponds to one pixel on the graph/grid. Crochet your corner-to-corner square until one straight side is the same length that you want the shorter side of your rectangle to be. Do not work a block in the last block on the left side of the work. Turn your work as normal to begin your next row, but don’t make a turning chain. Dc in 4th ch from hook, then dc in each of next 2 stitches. If you want to learn how to read diagrams, we have a tutorial for you.

You’ll have a triangle that’s the first half of your C2C square. From here, you simply start working the traditional decrease row from the repeat pattern until you reach one single block. If you’re looking for a gift to make for a loved one’s baby shower, then this baby blanket is a great idea! This easy pattern looks so soft and comfortable, and the diagonal pattern is very pretty. Use this pattern to make a rectangle blanket with any weight yarn and an appropriate needle size.

As well as this adorable teddy bear graphgan, this tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions on how to plot your own designs. Corner to corner afghans are gorgeous, chunky throws made in a unique way. Eventually, when your throw reaches the right width for your project, you will start decreasing the stitches and will end up with one box on the other side. In C2C, you’ll most often switch colors right before you complete the third double crochet stitch of the tile. Then you’d slip stitch to the ch-3-sp with the new color, and continue with the pattern.