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Combat Rogue Leveling Guide From 1 to 70 for TBC Classic TBC Classic

The Rogue class is a melee damage-dealing class with only damage specs, and however each of the three specs for the class excel at completely different play-styles. Raiding Hemo builds will be unable to take Improved Expose Armor, therefore it is not advisable to ask a Hemo rogue to perform the task of keeping Expose Armor up. It will be impossible for a dagger rogue to simultaneously sustain 100% Slice uptime and 100% 5-CP Expose Armor uptime, therefore it is not recommended to ask a dagger rogue to perform this task.

This is fantastic, especially for finishers, which take a long time to build but do massive damage. Rogues initiate fights with Sap, hit targets with Blind, and can easily work in your favor with Gouge and Kidney Shot. Rogues have more crowd control than any other class and can easily take out multiple enemies at once.

Your interface should display your current health, energy, and combo points, and to help with energy pooling, a timer for your energy regeneration ticks. It should also contain a display for incoming and outgoing damage and non-duration procs (e.g. Combat Potency). All these things should be in a convenient location, most likely near the center of the screen. In addition, to help with cycles and energy pooling, you should also have timers for your buffs and for debuffs on the target, preferably displaying precision to tenths of a second. A well-designed user interface will greatly assist a rogue in following the advice given in this section. While the default user interface may suffice, it is usually necessary to utilize external add-ons to provide the information you need to quickly make the correct decision during combat.

Set is only slightly behind our recommended Pre-Raid bis gear. At level 20 you get Riposte too, this will be a big damage increase whenever you parry. For more leveling tips, check out my Quest Completionist Guide for Alliance Rogues. For alternative methods to level up your first 5-6 levels, check out my Exploration Leveling Guide and my Gladius Grind Guide. Other professions, such as Engineering, Leatherworking or Enchanting, can be very time consuming.

However, melee groups incorporating a feral druid or ret paladin in addition to the shaman and DPS warrior are not entirely uncommon. Thus, in a fight where you spend roughly 2 or more seconds moving per minute, Cat’s Swiftness comes out ahead given these DPS values. In addition to increased DPS in movement-oriented fights, Cat’s Swiftness also provides a slight advantage over Dexterity or Surefooted for non-Mutilate builds in terms buc ee’s cowboy hats of survivability. Particularly, in fights with AoE effects or other attacks that require quick movement, Cat’s Swiftness enhances your reactions enough to be considered worthwhile even if it causes a theoretical DPS loss. For non-humans, humans wielding fists or daggers, or humans without Weapon Expertise, there are still several combinations of expertise items which, together with the Shard, will exceed the expertise cap.