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Including our security cameras, WiFi booster from Telus, PS4 and so on.. And this does not link up to anything we have in our home… Can someone please help me out to identify what this device is and why it continues to connect and disconnect from my home WiFi throughout the day and night.

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Samoa is one of the few that have become heavily indebted to it and is in danger of being controlled by it. While Samoa is still a bit backward on technology, apparently China is manufacturing or assembling computer/server related hardware there as a gesture of good will in order to woo them in. The MAC address for the device shows the manufacturer as cloud network technology limited, which I can’t seem to find any information on at all. Easy access, with expert support, to the largest searchable trade database in the world. Easily access our database via a web-based interface that speeds and simplifies trade data research, delivering the information you need for successful marketing, prospecting and sourcing strategies.

In my case it is linked to the Wifi Module of my HP MFP laserprinter. But the point is it can be in any devices where that vendor ( Sony / HP …) has choosen to use that module. Best thing to do is to give all your devices names either use a DNS server digital release venom 2 or reserve ip’s and names in your DHCP ( so that they always get same ip/name). If you then see a MAC adress / ip in your firewall which you find suspicious/ unknown just do a reverse lookup to that IP on the command line ( Ping -a

Unfortunately, I still cannot figure out what, specifically, CNT makes in Samoa, or anything else about the company for that matter. Perhaps CNT is DBA under a different name, but there are quite a few companies at their address and so I was not able to delve further into the company. Another aspect is that in addition to CNT there is also a similar company called Cloud Network Technology Singapore Pte. Along with numerous other similar technology companies, all are subsidiaries of HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD; aka the huge Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturer named FOXCONN Technology Group. I have lived at two places in the last six months and at both spots I have noticed this unusual device attached to the WiFi network.