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Chlorine rash: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

Also, the prolonged friction of wet skin and the irritation of the chemicals contained in the swimming pool water are often relevant. If dental erosion occurs in children, a loss of enamel surface characteristics can occur. Amalgam restorations in the mouth may be clean and non-tarnished.

I have not heard of finger tips getting abrasions, but from your photos, your kid’s hands look pruny. My customer’s daughter had some abrasions on her feet after an extended time in the pool. There was no blame from my customer, just a point of fact. The nanny mentioned to me the young girl’s feet were always very soft and she felt this contributed to the abrasions. The daughter’s friends did not have this issue swimming at the same time. Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns about dental accidents at the swimming pool?

I have had my pool for 5 years and this is the first year that I have ever had this happen to the kids feet… Maybe next time put some towels across the edge of the pool. If a rash is causing concern or not responding to home treatments, see a doctor.

I showed a friend a picture of my sons fingers and she said oh yes my boys would get that from the pool and I was surprised that she knew immediately what this looked like. The family was reassured, and the boys were sent back to the pool. The suspected diagnosis of erythrasma can be confirmed using a Wood lamp. This is a black light source that emits light between 320 and 400 nanometers.

I don’t want him to be afraid to enjoy the pool for fear this will occur again, so I hope to figure out some solutions and hope to have something to share back. However, urticaria occurred 30 minutes after non-intentional contact with a cleaning powder containing sodium hypochlorite. The investigators concluded that in patients suspected of aquagenic urticaria, the possibility of contact how to open calculator vault app without password urticaria from chlorinated swimming pool water should be considered . An otherwise healthy 5-year-old girl presented during the summer with painful shiny erythematous patches and some blisters on the finger pads of both hands and on the palms of 1 week’s duration . On further questioning, her father mentioned that she had been playing and swimming all week in a swimming pool.

On top of clinical examination, the dentist may take intra-oral photographs to monitor the extent and progress of erosion. Clinical photographs lead to comparable results to a visual examination, however both may result in an underestimation of the extent of tooth wear. This could be a mild irritation from the swimming pool or duration in the swimming pool, particularly if there is high level of combined chlorine and not enough free chlorine or if the pH is significantly high or low. Could be a reaction between the chemicals in the water and the substance on the nails. There are also a number of non-swimming pool related causes for such a reaction. In the Canadian outbreak, researchers examined information on 40 children who all came down with the same painful, red rash on their feet after wading in one specific community pool.

I have the same problem with my really fine sharpening stones. Even if a surface feels really smooth, if the particles it’s made of have sharp edges, it wears away skin before you realize it. Name brand products are always a trade off with mother nature for a possible benefit.

Dermatophyte infections of the skin and the toenails have an increased risk of occurrence in swimmers and swimming pool employees. An examination for tinea pedis was performed on a random sample of 773 of 8291 bathers (9.3%) at a public swimming pool over a period of one week. The incidence of tinea pedis was 8.5%, and the investigators from Europe concluded that the fungal infection spread within the swimming pool . Pitted keratolysis is a bacterial infection that occurs in the stratum corneum of the plantar feet. The development of the infection is typically preceded by hyperhidrosis and/or exposure to water, such as swimming in a pool.

This means that parents don’t usually find out and swimming pool pulpitis goes unnoticed. The clinical manifestations are very characteristic lesions of the condition. Erythematous-violaceous, shiny macules are observed in the region of the pads of the fingers of the hands.