Paul Natural - On The Rise ft. Dominic Augustin

Paul Natural’s “On The Rise”

For his second release “On The Rise,” Producer and Musician Paul Natural introduces Hatian supermodel turned vocalist Dominic Augustin who imbues the “electronic-symphonic” track with a soulful edge. A star on the international fashion runways, Augustin brings elan to campaigns by Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang and Tory Burch. The accompanying music video by Luke Moellman Animation furthers the Paul Natural aesthetic set in an apocalyptic city-scape, perfect eye-candy for a COVID weary world.

“An extraordinary, infectious and transcendent dance-pop/electronica collaboration by Paul Natural (aka Brooklyn based composer, artist and producer Gabriel Stanley) and soulful, smooth voiced emerging vocalist Dominic Augustine, the sonically trippy and explosive “On the Rise” is a powerful showcase for their unique individual talents and inspirational on a number of personal and collective levels.” Jonathan Widran

Felix Cartal - Expensive Sounds For Nice People

Well-known dance electronic producer Felix Cartal has released his album, Expensive Sounds For Nice People on the 25th of June via Physical Presents. On the album, fans will find the sterling track, ‘500 Days (feat. Matilda)’. Also taken from the album are ‘Mine’ with Sophie Simmons, and ‘Love Me’ (which are both certified platinum in Canada) with ‘Love Me’ (featuring the singer LIGHTS) also winning the Dance Recording of the Year at the Junos 2020. ‘Happy Hour’ with Kiiara was featured on 32 Spotify New Music Friday playlists as well as Billboard’s Best New Dance Tracks.

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Rachel Grae - Lived It Twice

Today, Rachel Grae (18) released her newest single “Lived It Twice”, which started as a TikTok experiment gone viral! The song was born from a simple quote that Rachel transformed into an anthem for battling overthinking.

“It was inspired by advice that my manager gave me when I was incredibly anxious about something that hadn’t even happened yet. Quoting Michael J. Fox from years earlier, my manager said ‘If you worry about something and then it happens, you’ll have lived it twice.’ After hearing that, my whole mindset changed! It was the first thing I’d heard that actually stopped me from overthinking a situation before it happened. I decided to write this song because I felt a lot of people had to hear this message as well.”

“Lived It Twice” follows Grae’s debut single “Bad Timing”, for which she graced the largest billboard in Times’ Square in partnership with both Spotify and Little Kids Rock and garnered substantial attention from an ever-growing Gen Z fanbase that has come to love for her relatability and her dynamic voice.  Produced and co-written by Adam Yaron (Pretty Little Liars, PlayStation, and NBA), the song is a second journal entry that explores themes of rejection and heartbreak.

Listen to ‘Lived It Twice’ here:

Growing from a viral TikTok embraced by her suddenly substantial follower base (whom she enchanted in mere months since launching her career), Rachel’s newest single also graces the same Times Square billboard — this time alongside Unis Footwear and renowned Chef and Restaurateur David Burke.

Premiering on YouTube alongside the single’s release, the “Lived It Twice” music video portrays a clever narrative of Rachel facing parallel versions of herself living out the daily anxious thoughts in her head. Inspired by the song’s poignant lyrics, Rachel delivers powerhouse vocals that can empower any chronic overthinker in “Lived It Twice”.

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About Rachel Grae:
Growing up in the outskirts of New York City, Rachel Grae dissected music like an archeologist — turning over melodies to figure out what elevated a catchy song to an unforgettable one, and studying the characteristics of lyrics that unraveled like poetry. When she started writing her own music she set her intention with clarity. Brimming with wide-eyed, post-adolescent curiosity and filtered through a keen sense of maturity, Grae embraces imperfection as a means to investigate vulnerability in all its forms.

Wielding an unmistakably dynamic voice that’s warm and enveloping, her range is reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson or Demi Lovato. Paired with an ear for bouncy pop that’s rich with inviting earworms, she writes songs that are built for all emotional seasons. It’s this innate ability to connect with an audience that’s built a substantial and rapidly growing TikTok following of devoted fans who have turned her platform into a form of group therapy.

Uniquely, when Rachel Grae yearns to learn more about the world around her, she looks inwardly —  reflecting on her past missteps and epiphanies to inform her next move. Her goal is clear: constructing songs that confront universal emotions as a compassionate act; making music that works on herself means that listeners start halfway to the finish line.

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Bay Area artist Matt Jaffe is excited to announce the release of his new single “Shape of Fear,” off his newest full-length album Kintsugi; set to release August 27th. Thanks to Grateful Web for doing a premiere, you can get a sneak peek at the single by clicking here. It will also be available through all other digital music retailers and streaming services starting tomorrow.

Jaffe explained to Grateful Web the meaning behind his latest single, “Shape of Fear”, in which we can all relate to in one way or another. “Without me realizing it, fear has become a theme in my songs. Specifically fear of something unknown. I developed epilepsy in 2015, and the risk of seizures has developed into a shadowy menace, striking without warning or pattern. They are constantly looming but rarely visible. A phantom threat.”

“Shape of Fear” is preceded by three previous songs from Kintsugi, “Voodoo Doll”, “Weekend Lover”, and “Cut Me Down The Middle”. “Voodoo Doll” came with an animated video created by Academy Award-nominated American cartoonist Bill Plympton – watch here.

American Songwriter and Jaffe discuss the meaning of his single “Cut Me Down The Middle”, his time spent working with Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison, the meaning behind his fifth studio album (a tragic injury he endured), and working alongside Chuck Prophet on his experimental theatre production. He also discussed the meaning behind, “Enough Bad Luck” with Glide Magazine last month. WIth 185K Views, 109K Streams, and 25.9k followers, Matt is burning his way through the indie scene one brilliant song at a time.


After cutting his teeth on open mics around the Bay Area, San Francisco songwriter Matt Jaffe was discovered by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads. Together, they produced his first album at the age of 16, cementing Matt’s dedication to music. Soon, he formed a band, dropped out of college, and has not looked back. Since then, Matt has written more songs than he can remember the words to, crisscrossed the country opening for Blues Traveler and Wilco, and co-written with Tom Higgenson of the Plain White T’s. Matt has served as musical director for experimental theater, collaborated with poets on genre-bending spoken word, and curated residencies among fellow songwriters. Additionally, Matt volunteers with Bread & Roses, a non-profit that brings live music to facilities without regular access to it, such as prisons, rehab centers, and foster homes. Having suffered from seizures since 2015, Matt also uses his music to unite local and national epilepsy communities.

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Today, Alex Frankel (Holy Ghost!) releases his Still Got It EP with two remixes by France’s Breakbot (La Fiesta Remix and Club des Vedettes Remix), a Choices Remix and the instrumental version of the single. Earlier Alex Frankel shared the video for “Still Got It”, an anthem for embracing the next step whatever it may be, all out now on CASUAL / Ed Banger. Alex celebrates everybody’s return to the dancefloor with a wildly fun video that finds him dancing outside some of France’s iconic dance clubs and reveling in front of party flyers. The video was directed by Pierre Dixsaut and François Prost. The photos of French club exteriors featured in the video were pulled from Prost’s book After Party. He teamed up with motion designer Dixsaut to turn them into the dance party on the streets the video invites us to join.

“Still Got It” is a glimpse into Alex’s world as he works towards a full length in 2022.

“Still Got It” finds joy in resilience and celebrates the personal spark each of us has that fortifies our optimism even in hardship. It’s a quick glance back while dancing into the future that invites everyone, “Let’s have a toast to staying young as we get old”. The song plays with some of the hallmarks of classic 80s pop and reimagines them for this moment, with a wave of euphoria that keeps rising as it builds from just Alex’s voice to a choral arrangement performed by the East Coast Inspirational Singers choir.

The Breakbot remix of “Still Got It” (Breakbot Club des Vedettes Remix) was shared by Adult Swim Singles as part of their 2021 program, and puts a playful and synthy spin on the single. The rework, by French electronic mainstay Breakbot, is especially fitting as the original single marked Alex’s initial release for Ed Banger, rendering him the first American signee to the legendary European label. Listen to it here. Alex also shared a celebratory new DJ mix last week on Magnetic Magazine to kick off the summer with his blend of house, funk and disco. Choices is a project from renowned producer/songwriter/DJ Vaughn Oliver (Oliver / UTern) and designer Ryland Blackinton.

Alex says of the songs origins, “I played the demo for Thibaut ( Breakbot) one night at Bernie’s Restaurant while we were outside on a smoke break  (back when, you know… people still ate dinner out) and on the spot he demanded we go try it on the audience at his gig that night. The response was great and after that, I knew I had to finish it. I called the East Coast Inspirational Singers, my favorite gospel group in NYC and they came by to help me get it there.”

Alex Frankel first emerged as one half of beloved NYC duo Holy Ghost! whose hybrid of synth pop, disco, and a range of electronic music made them an international dancefloor and festival staple. Along with their own albums and EPs for DFA and West End, the group have been in demand remixers sought out by their peers like LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix, and Cut Copy. Alex has also done remixes for US Girls, Naeem, Neon Indian and Moby.

CASUAL is the new label founded by Jen Pearce, CEO of music licensing and consulting company Low Profile and Justin Spindler, CEO of Out of Office Management. The label was founded with the mission of releasing singles with a timeless appeal and creating bespoke campaigns for each release far beyond the release date.

Heather Walton

Born in California, Heather Walton is a singer-songwriter who grew up in the most authentic essence of the American culture and musical tradition.

Heather about her new single “I Wanna Know”:
‘I want to know more about the possibilities of the purest human emotion… love. This is the basis of the track. It’s an anthem for the world, but especially dreamers. About a big ideal based on one’s innermost desires and feelings that have a deep meaning in the most passionate way. It’s about overcoming boundaries and quest for light. My hope for “I Wanna Know” is that it will spark the listener to analyze their deepest desires on the subject of love, and then strive to reach new heights in their relationships, emotions, fantasies, and dreams. Love is the highest of all values after all.’

Crystal McGrath

Canadian country-pop artist Crystal McGrath releases empowering new single “About A Boy.” The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

In her new single, About a Boy, Crystal McGrath blends a pop drum beat with a traditional country backing band to create a sound that is wholly her own. Like a chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream cone, About a Boy blends two very different musical flavors into something that any music fan will enjoy. Crystal McGrath’s voice only adds to the musical beauty of this track. With a timbre that sounds something like a mix of Miranda Lambert and Trisha Yearwood, McGrath’s voice is just as unique and wonderful as the instrumentation on About a Boy. Another standout element of About a Boy is the lyrics. McGrath asks the question, “Why is it always about a boy?” This line can have so many different meanings to so many different people. Why do female protagonists always have to be chasing after “Mr. Perfect?” Why are most country songs sung by women about the men that they love, have cheated on them, or got away? Why is it assumed that the man will alter a woman’s life in some unexplainable way? All of these questions are up to the listener to decide as About a Boy takes the listener on a musical journey. Crystal McGrath’s About a Boy is an exceptional song written by an exceptional artist with crossover appeal that will make both pop and country fans fall in love with About a Boy after just one listen. About a Boy’s tight pop drumbeat mixed with the sounds of electric guitars, pedal steels, and banjos makes it an instant classic in both the worlds of pop and country music.