Don Die$el

New Music from Baltimore‘s Indie Musical Magnate, Don Die$el. With his new visual for “Add It Up” produced by the young up and coming beat-maker, Troy the Great, Die$el doesn’t disappoint with the presentation.

Set in black in white and shot on location by NYC/DMV videographer/photographer Fly Gotti Visuals in West Baltimore for authenticity and the classic vibe it exhudes, Die$el’s new single “Add It Up” has lyrics that exhibit complex rhyming schemes, multiple interlocking flows.

The strength and surety of a seasoned artist’s tone on a popping, bass heavy track engineered by Above Ground Studio’s RIAA Certified Platinum Engineer, Nate Middleman solidifies the dynamic and fulfills yet another check-box requirement of a hip hop legend on the rise. Don Die$el delivers yet again, with another street banger for the masses: ADD IT UP!



Born and raised in the SOUTH, in EATONTON, GEORGIA, also known as “PIMP CITY”. Growing up in the South MR.GEORGIA was influenced by a lot of southern rappers such as n, GOODIE MOB, MASTER P, UGK,n and THREE SIX MAFIA. He was also influenced by a lot of non southern rappers such as 2PoAC, B.I.G., JAY-Z and CAMRON. Music has been apart of his life ever since he heard CRISS CROSS “JUMP”. As he got older music started to become more and more of an escape. “I was able to escape any and everything I was going through” says MR.GEORGIA. MR.GEORGIA started rapping when he was 14, and ever since then he hasn’t look back. He will tell you that he’s what the rap game what it needs, something new, raw, and original content.


Artie Customs

My name is Martell Minter, born & raised in Cleveland, OH. My stage name is Artie Customs (thinking about dropping the customs part, might make that a fan involvement thing in the near future). But I’ve been making or inspired to make music since I was about 16-17 years old! No training, no lessons, no singing classes which I’m sure most can hear but I make it work how I make it work. My style is my style, possible influences but I can’t really say I sound close to anyone specific.

Sio J.

This project is being ran by Galactic Entertainment. Sio J. hired Galactic Entertainment and the GLE Team to manage his amazing artwork. We strive to make it to the top, and show the world what music is all about.

Galactic Entertainment is proud to introduce one of many songs by Sio J. (Jesse Siordia).

Official audio for “I Been” by Sio J.

Lyrics by: Jesse Siordia

Prod by: Malloy