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Captain Falcon PM SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros wiki

A collection of data about how fast characters can move on the ground. List of every character’s common out of shield options and how many frames each option takes. Used well with StrongBad’s shieldstun calculator. Useful for learning how to recognize different tech options in order to react quickly. TauKhan explains how to get a reverse hit from a move, e.g. grab ledge then reverse knee edgeguard with Captain Falcon.

Up special can work too, if you predict your opponent will shield after their attack, but 14 frames is pretty slow for a punish, so in most cases, you’ll just need to try and reset neutral instead. Captain Falcon, the bounty hunter and car racer extraordinaire, returns to action in Super Smash Bros. Unlike in Super Smash Bros 64, Captain Falcon is a starter character, and was first shown on 7 July 2001 at E3. In competitive play, Captain Falcon relies on his powerful aerials, fast run speed, and flashy combos, the combination of which allow him to sit at position eight on the tier list. When edgeguarding Captain Falcon, keep in mind they like to be tricky with how they reach the ledge. Luckily for us, Captain Falcon’s recovery isn’t the best, but he still has some ideas when returning to stage.

Chaingrab info by Magus, move discussion, Doc in teams, matchups, and edgeguarding. Allows you to look up data directly from the game files on each character, their moves, and their animations. At the time of writing this, he has only written about effective practice, mental game, and working memory.

That said, you’ll need to be quite tricky yourself. Sneaking up behind someone in a four-player match is doable, but you may as well work on some better tactics. totally science github Try starting it while in midair, so he’s actually punching just as he hits the ground. It leaves you vulnerable, but it’s the best way to fool your opponents.

I made this section because I had a lot of links for Marth and Peach. As I have stumbled across links for other characters, I have developed their sections. If a character is not included, it is because I would only be linking the stickied threads on Smashboards.

Also, approaching short hop Fair into Uair at mid percents can setup easy kill combos. Shows gifs of all of Peach’s moves displaying hitboxes and hurtboxes. Also lists frame data on each move including frame advantage on shield.

Undershooting is a must-have idea against Captain Falcon. However, many Foxes also need to understand what is potentially a fatal error in their plan against Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon capitalises incredibly hard on his stomp down-air. Specifically, many Fox players opt to force out shines while their implementing their shield pressure. The reason that this isn’t ideal, is because a lot of the time, this is done without having a confirmation that the shine will hit. This is dreadful as Captain Falcon will expect this.