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Beginners can struggle with getting the hang of pulling your hook through loops, initially your hook is probably going to be under quite a lot of pressure until you perfect your tension. For this reason a metal hook is the best type to include in a crochet kit for beginners (plus they’re usually the cheapest option). Once you’ve got the hang of it, try experimenting with different hook materials to see what sort is your favourite.

Although this set will not teach you to crochet from scratch, its detailed video instructions and straightforward pattern will provide the support you need to complete your project stress-free. Yarn, crochet hooks, stem wires, and stuffing are items you’ll find within your package. Your kit will include a pattern, a needle felting guide to work on details, a pack of acrylic yarn, cotton embroidering thread, polyester stuffing, merino wool, a yarn needle, and stitch markers.

Get started with basic techniques and you’ll soon be crocheting with confidence. Once you’ve got to the end of your project, you need to do a bit of tidying up! Even if you’re making the most basic of shapes, you’ll have two yarn ends left over that you’ll need to sew into your work – your starting end and your finishing end. A yarn needle is different to a sewing needle, in that it’s bigger and has a big enough eye for you to get your yarn through. There’s a few different types of needles available, from metal to plastic, and even ones with loops which make attaching your yarn a bit easier. You can find out more on how to fasten off and weave in your crochet ends here.

The music box is surprisingly easy to incorporate and will make your creation look extra profesh! Much like the previous kit, this is a more time-consuming, detailed crochet project to tackle, but if you’re up to the challenge, instructions are easy to follow and available in multiple languages. It would be impossible to speak of crochet kits without a few well-deserved shout-outs to amigurumi. Because this is a small and affordable project, it’s a great way to put your crochet skills to practice and is appropriate for beginners and advanced crocheters alike. It ships from the UK but will arrive anywhere in roughly a week.

Your pack will contain a skein of yarn, basic crochet tools, metal locks, chain straps and rings, and a printed pattern. As the most upscale recommendation on our list, this Tunisian crochet kit is a little different — and special! While sometimes you can purchase the material kit separately , this option includes a comprehensive video workshop on making a gorgeous two-tone triangle scarf, led by artist Toni Lipsey. Although this is a fairly easy kit, I feel it’s probably a better fit for intermediate crafters or those with some basic crochet fundamentals under their belts. Since materials are good quality, this product can get a little pricey, but it’s totally worth the buy, especially considering this is an item made to last. First up is one of the most complete beginner crochet kits on our list, suitable for teens and up.

Don’t worry if you’ve never made a project with more than 2 colors before! This kit includes step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial to garter knife holster show you how it’s done. This modern crochet blanket kit creates a striking design by arranging simple stitches in a new and interesting way.

While written instructions are perfectly fine, I recommend making the best of the instructional video provided in your kit if you’re anything like me. Somehow, observing an experienced crafter at work makes picking up skills and processes more accessible. Although materials aren’t high-end or pro-level quality, considering the wealth of items this kit includes, $40 is a pretty reasonable price tag. If crochet has taken over your life and you’ve always got a project on the go, then a yarn bowl is a nice little treat for yourself. Find the perfect one for you in our pick of the best yarn bowls for knitting and crochet.

In terms of skills and difficulty, this Etsy Pick set sits somewhere between amigurumi and more basic crochet projects, making it a good choice for recent crocheters looking for an intermediate challenge. Several buying options are given with this kit, allowing you to include a crochet hook or a more comprehensive booklet if preferred. Keep in mind that there may be a slight learning curve if you have absolutely no knowledge of crochet stitches. However, the project is not overly demanding, making it the perfect opportunity to end procrastination and give you the nudge you need to start learning slowly but surely. This is the ideal set if eco-friendly resources and natural products are something you take seriously. To select an entirely plastic-free kit, your best option is to choose natural wool stuffing over polyester toy stuffing which will require more maintenance but is kinder to the planet.

I don’t recommend cotton yarn for your first project, since it’s so inelastic. I also don’t recommend super fuzzy or dark-colored yarns for your first project, since they make it hard to see your stitches. Harry Potter fans will love this magical crochet kit from The Works that will let you make your very own Harry figure and broom. If you’re an absolute beginner, this kit comes with an online course that teaches the basics of crochet while showing you how to make this pretty plant pot holder. As well as access to the course, you’ll be sent a materials kit with a choice of six different coloured cords.

While technically you don’t need anything else, there are a few more crochet accessories that you might need once you really start to catch the crochet bug! If you’re looking for more options and information about crochet accessories, you’ll find plenty in our pick of the top crochet accessories. While amigurumi can appear difficult to a beginner crocheter, it truly isn’t with this set. This multi-colored crochet wrap is made from a surprisingly simple pattern.