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The IpOp model helps identify and map as many unknowns as possible before significant resources are spent. The author claims that this process allows for a more realistic calibration of the project. In the case of a return, we process it once the products have been received and verified at our warehouse.

An opportunity case answering the main questions of decision-makers without going into operational details. We see that you have personalized your site experience by adding your child’s date of birth and gender on site. We would love to send you the best offers relevant for your child from time to time and so we have added these details to your account details. After 15 years of attending model showcases and conventions throughout North America, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with iPOP! The iPOP staff are 110% dedicated to putting together a spectacular event; each year they surpass my expectations, from the caliber of talent right down to the flawless execution of their events.

I want to make sure it is real first. I don’t believe ANYONE on this earth should be paying $5,000 – $15,000 to meet agents. Returns/replacements are accepted for unused products only in case of defects, damages during delivery, missing, or wrong products delivered. Return requests can be raised on the ‘My Order’ section within 15 days of delivery. The IpOp model uses a sequential and iterative approach where each step is called IpOp review because it will most likely need to be revisited multiple times.

First off I got together with Mark Williams with InDaSoul Ent. Whom I met at IPOP initially and recorded 3 songs and did a music video. That in itself was an amazing experience. Since then I also made many appearances on Fox 13 Tampa Bay singing and playing my guitar. Next I entered a national singing competition from Quaker and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers called Quaker Chewy Superstar. There were many thousands of entries online.

I hope to make singing and acting my career one day. It was such a good show and i realize it took a lot of hard work, time, and money to put something like this together. Thank you for correcting and getting everything squared away when my number, and the rest of the Oshkosh group’s contestant numbers that got mixed up with other contestants.

You can simply write to us at with the order id, product code and also attach a picture of the damaged/wrong product received. Our support department will get back to you and take the process forward. Only the items that are received in damaged condition can be returned or refunded. If the product is received in OK condition by the customer, then it cannot be returned under any circumstances. The user can also return a product, if the product received is different from the product ordered i.e. if a wrong product was shipped by the company. Just enter your Pincode and see delivery timelines on product pages.

8) LA Agents and Manager work in Los Angeles and the jobs we get our clients audition in LA. We don’t look for jobs in New Hamsphire or South Dakota. You and your child have to be here in LA. who owns uzzu tv I thought iPop were amazing… as did the client, I was told they were the best band they have ever had and just superb. IPOP is a five day talent convention hosted in Hollywood biannually.

Sometimes I see Agents and managers at an event, sometime 5 or 10. It’s a small tight knit community. We know each other and we all talk. With over a decade of invaluable experience as a band and a vast repertoire of the very best music of all time, we will help you create an unforgettable atmosphere at your event. Choosing an established party band is highly recommended for the success of a great event.