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Thank you for showing good customer service by your actions. “Molly always keeps my hair looking on point. She works with me to get the style I desire while adding her invaluable expertise so I make the right hair decisions. Her ideas to help my hair have made my mane better than ever this past year that I’ve seen her regularly. This woman has natural talent when it comes to what she does. Plus she’s always greets me with a smile and makes my time spent on the chair pleasant!

Always does an amazing job with my extensions and color. She is also very informative with how to properly care for my extensions and answers any questions I have. The salon is always clean and everyone is friendly and professional . So glad I made the decision to get them done! This is something that I am very curious about.

PETA and is a proud member of the Beauty without bunnies program. That means Hairitage neither themselves nor via any third party test their products or ingredients on animals. Define various curls with a brush where needed, and position the hair around the crown.

When you’re using a cream for curly hair, it’s important to work with the product while your hair is wet or damp. Curls activate the best while wet, so when you work the product into damp hair, you’re helping lock in those curls for the day ahead. This shampoo is formulated easy hairstyles for thanksgiving with jojoba oil, vitamin B5, and aloe vera. It is suitable for all hair types and gentle enough for daily use. Despite being SLS-free the shampoo lathers well and leaves your hair and scalp squeaky clean in one go. Hairitage To The Max – Maximum Hold Styling Gel.

This Leave-in conditioner pudding restores, softens, and detangles your overworked tresses while controlling frizz, leaving you with a mane you can sport proudly. You can always count on the dependableLazy Day Dry Shampoo,Magic Dust Texture Powder,To The Max Maximum Hold Styling Gel. Take your curls to the next level withAhead Of The Curl!

Wavy hair girls, I hear your struggle. You’re not straight hair, but you’re not curly either. It can be hard to find perfect products that work for one half of your hair AND the other at the same time.

This fragrance-free shampoo is exactly what you need. Your strands will feel refreshed without any harsh fragrance overwhelming your senses. Every blonde, natural or not, needs a purple shampoo. Color-correcting pigments will get rid of any brassiness your strands may be experiencing.

Refreshing, sulfate-free shampoo scalp scrub for dry, itchy, or oily scalp. Boost your hair’s volume and texture without drying it out with some help form this spray. It can even be used as a prep spray for braids and updos. And they can have it all, thanks to this foam.