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Brave Frontier Ten Winged Tormentor Grand Quest Guide

Infinite SBB to nuke down Melchio quickly. You do not want this battle lasting any longer than it has to. Try and nuke him down once you get Melchio under 50% HP. If you take longer than 3 cycles of Guard+Massive AoE, bring an Overdrive to end it quicker.

The story separates into branches depending on your actions, so multiple endings are possible. Also, some Quests have different conditions for clearing.

If you pause a Quest, the saved data from the last time you paused will be overwritten. The currently selected Squad is indicated by a gold icon. You can select a different Squad by tapping the Squad button on the bottom right of the screen.

When you tap a point on the map, the Squad that can reach that location will move there. If a point on the Map is grayed out, you can’t move there. Grand Quest is a huge group of Quests that multiple squads go on.

He does the massive ST attack every 6 turns. After Melchio hits 50% HP, he does a massive ST attack every 3 turns. Will go into more detail on this below, but needless to say, the Lodin team will have a hard time taking down this solo-Melchio. Be prepared to slot your best units into Team 1 for your first run. You only need to beat solo-Melchio once. The guides on app invasion are pretty decent, but could definitely be improved upon.

Bring a full team with a mitigator, ideally. Also bring one who can cure or negate ailments. Vishra is angry because people thought his armor is a “mere decoration”. No status ailments here, but Melchio can be cursed.

Squad 1 gets Lodin, with a rainbow LS. If you want the 50% ATK, go for it and bring 5 or more elements. Due to solo-Melchio hitting hard, Grah/Tridon lead is recommended. Many people cleared this with either the Edea/Elimo or Veltrion/Zeldeus combo, although you can sub in Krantz there as well. Other than that, focus on high-damage units, i.e.

If you do guides please put the walkthrough and achievement sections for each quest together. Once you start a hr generalist salary new york mission, you are NOT allowed to change squads. Certain boss battles may allow you to reconfigure your squads.

Anyway, good luck, and have fun using ur avatar as a normal unit now. BB/SBB your healing mitigator when u need to heal. (coz he is a wuss!) & normal atk with the rest to build up OD gauge.