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Other adjustments included only playing 4 puzzles in Level 1, and the addition of a lifeline in Level 2. The network announced on February 18, 2010, that the program was renewed for a second season, consisting of 40 episodes. The second season, which featured one episode held over from season one, premiered on June 21, 2010. The third season started airing on July 18, 2011, on Nick at Nite, marketed as Family BrainSurge, and had a two-person family team format with five teams.

During the second round, the four remaining contestants/teams are told a story from a book read by the host and are asked questions in turn about the story. Contestants/teams lock in their answers by sitting down on a chair. If the contestant/team gets a question right, a ding sound is heard. If the contestant/team gets a question wrong , the chair makes a farting noise, and the contestant/team is pulled backwards through the paper “tooth” of a large face and eliminated from further play. In la vie en rose food truck, each team is allowed one “Brain Fart”, which allows two other members of the family (the “Brain Trust”) to offer an answer for the team; the team stays in the game or is eliminated based on that answer.

One episode that week had 6 parent-child teams playing, similar to Family BrainSurge, and during the bonus round, the child did the 4×4 and the 6×6, while the parent did the 5×5. However, unlike Family BrainSurge, there is no “Brain Trust” and no option for them to ask for an answer in round 2. The game was played the same as before except that the number of kid contestants was reduced to five and that they are accompanied by a family member with two others sitting in the audience. The eliminated contestants slid down a slide full of foamy earwax slime called the “Brain Drain”. The winning contestant fails to complete the bonus round does not get slimed of a lifetime, but is sent down the Brain Drain, but the contestant still keep the name prizes the contestant won. On the Family version, the Brain Drain had seats for the eliminated families.

In Level Two, the four remaining contestants listened to a story read by host Jeff from his Big Book of Truth, otherwise known as “Jeff’s Big Book of Super Fantastic True Chronicles of Truth That Are Absolutely True”. When the story was finished, the four remaining contestants were asked questions about the story. When the contestant gave a response, the contestant must then sit in a “hand” chair with a whoopee cushion on it. The correct answer gives the contestant stay in the game, if the contestant gets the question wrong , the eliminated contestant sit and hold on in a hand chair and slid out from the back through the paper of Jeff’s mouth. As soon as the two contestants were left standing, the level shifts into a game called “Knockout Round”.

Celebrity contestants include Larry King; Vanessa Williams; Joey Fatone; Candace Cameron Bure; and Anthony Anderson. Celebrity contestants include the Miz; John Morrison; Kofi Kingston; Eve; and Gayle King. But what Jeff considers the worst out of these is that his mother made him go to the store and buy diarrhea medicine while a cute girl was working the register. When he was on the soccer team, his parents would dress up as cheerleaders. Not only that, but his father wore stinky socks in sandals, and his mother would yell, “I love you, Jeffy-poo!” through a megaphone, causing his teammates to laugh at him. The series premiered on Discovery Kids in Latin America and Brazil on November 7, 2011; the Spanish show title is Veloz Mente.

Common Sense is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century. As mentioned above, the original Tokyo version called Brain Survivor later Brain Survivor II and Brain Survivor III hosted by Takaaki Ishibashi broadcast as a special that aired three times in 2002. Although there’s no footage of the knockout round getting completed , it was revealed in an interview with Jeff that a lot of contestants cleared the knockout round but the footage was edited out and never shown. The board was reset until someone made a mistake and was knocked out. During August 2007, a pilot was filmed featuring J Boogie as the host.

The show’s format was adapted from the Japanese game show Brain Survivor. The U.S. version was created by Scott A. Stone, co-creator of Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Clay Newbill, executive producer of The Mole. For the final round, Level 3, the two contestants play a matching game with eight pairs of pictures from the story. If a player fails to match, the other player can automatically win if they make a match on their next pick, who then got to play the Bonus Round.