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Bora Bora Or Maldives? Which Destination Is Better For YOUR Trip?

However, you can also join in festivities, watch performances, or take a step further to immerse yourself in their daily lives. You would have an easy time in this place as Maldivians tahiti vs bora bora vs fiji are generally polite people. Just make sure to respect the customs of their Islamic faith. As rich and colorful as the island’s environment is, so is its culture.

But realistically, only vaccinated U.S. travelers are able to visit on vacation. Rocky, broken dead corals, you always need to wear reef shoes. Maldives has one of the softest, most powdery white sand in the world along with Exuma & Turk & Caico. The moment you took off your shoes on day one and step on the Maldivian sand, you will never wanna wear your flipflops ever again.

Whichever you do, you would have a great time and even greater scenery. The Maldives, not unlike Tahiti, is filled with beaches and lush vegetation. Both places also boast their lagoons which are truly a sight to see.

Similar to Bora Bora, the prices will rise depending on your accommodation, meals, and other preferences. If you are a foodie, this part is primarily dedicated to you. You can also visit Le Récif, a proper nightclub, to enjoy some dance music.

Bora Bora is known for high prices and parts of the Maldives can be, too. Although it’s my favorite place in the world to travel, it is definitely not a budget destination. With so many island resorts to choose from, a Maldivian holiday can at first seem a little overwhelming. If choosing an island to bunker down on seems too hard you could always move on board a boat and cruise within the sheltered waters of an archipelago. Maldivians are great seafarers and are at home on the sea so you’d be in good hands. For divers this is particularly attractive but is also an option for those preferring to escape the confines of an island resort.

Far from being a beach destination, Fiji has more to offer. Like Seychelles, it boasts beautiful beaches and the freedom to explore them. Less ideal than those in the Maldives or Bora Bora, Fiji’s beaches are nonetheless breathtakingly beautiful and serene. However, bear in mind that, while Fiji and Seychelles are less expensive than Maldives and Bora Bora, they are still considered luxury tourist destinations. A big difference to note is that Bora Bora has a gorgeous mountainous landscape, allowing for hiking, ATV’ing, and some land-based activities. The Maldives, on the other hand, is a country that’s 99% water (yep!!), and completely flat .

The hot tubs faced the ocean on one side and the lagoon on the other side. The pool was huge and there were alot of walking areas through the spread out resort. The bartenders were great, The drinks were very expensive but they did have happy hour daily. We were locked in as we call it at the resort since it is surrounded by water. So we had no other food choices, We really did not like that at all.

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