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Black Desert Online: A Complete Guide to Fishing

Finally, a higher fishing skill increases the chance of your fishing rod not losing durability for a throw. At Master fishing levels, about 30% of throws do not result in reduced durability. In addition, to catch such specimens, you need a high level of fishing skill. For catching each fish, you will receive character experience and fishing skill experience. To auto fish in Back Desert Online, equip your Fishing Rod, then press spacebar.

So, if you are sea fishing you must invest in the nodes where you fish. What happens as you gain rank is that you move to a faster timescale bracket. So at rank 5, you might have a timescale ranging from 24 to 47 seconds. Now what is interesting about that is that there are at least three sets of time brackets. For example, at fishing rank 3, the Randis sea node has a timescale bracket ranging from 29 to 57 seconds. The same rank at the Coastal Caves and Epheria has a timescale bracket ranging from 21 to 39 seconds and Tarif has a bracket from about 41 to 63 seconds.

If there is interest, I will try to understand the crafting of fishing rods and ships. The first mini-game prompts you to press the space bar in time – when the jumping scale is on the blue half of the line. The scale moves very fast, you need to learn how to stop it in time. The scale moves to the right twice, and if you still do not press the space bar, the attempt to catch fish is considered unsuccessful and the game ends.

Thirdly, you should keep in mind the different time brackets between sea, coast, and inland fishing spots. Later, you want to find a spot that is either safe or remote, has ancient relic crystal shards, and is not crowded. This can be found in some of the towns and the outer parts of the map. There are also a couple of elixirs that increase your fishing rank.

For beginners, the fastest way to collect a fishing rod can be done by traveling to Velia. Although you may not see it on your map yet, head south of the level Goblin icon , and you will jackson milarker eventually run into the city’s pier. At this pier, there is an Otter named Crio that will offer a standard fishing rod, and you’ll be free to fish wherever after it is purchased.

These species can be found in both Valencian seas on rare occasions. These common species can be caught along the primary sea channel in the Balenos region. Investing in Mastery gear is really not worth it unless you want to Harpoon fish or actively fish. However, you can still use your accessories from other Life Skill Mastery for an extra bonus.