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Best Place to Put Gun in Car Gun Holster for Car Center Console

Foam-lined CNC bent steel brackets that have been designed to hold the box securely in place while drawing, and make sure your console is free from unwanted noise. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. You guys need to look at Aztec soft with retention and pocketable and Sticky’s new soft holsters.

As with most gun laws, you will want to check the specifics for transporting a handgun in your state. Some are more strict about how you can carry off-body than others. It’s up to you to know the laws in your state or the state you are traveling in…check out our Gun Laws By State section for more. Its placement on your hand makes it difficult to draw your gun in these style holsters when they are mounted to the outside of your console. My good friend did something similar with his Glock.

When I’m not carrying, it resides in a small holster clipped to the very front of the console. This ball mount can be placed on either side contigo lid replacement of the holster, depending on your draw hand and where you plan to mount the holster. On an unrelated note, why do you use the 43 OWB?

IronMount’s magnet system holds up to 43 lbs according to their product specs. When I first saw magnetic gun holders, I was skeptical. I mean, how is a refrigerator magnet going to hold your gun up.

You’ll want to practice your draw and how you will fire your weapon. You’ll have to grab from the right side and pivot to the left to acquire your target. Also, practice drawing and acquiring a target on the passenger side or out the windshield. You can mount them anywhere with a few screws and they aren’t obvious like some other holsters are.

But, a guy I worked with had one and let me tell you, it holds the gun tight. Since the gun is right in front of you and you’ll have to move your leg over it to get out, you aren’t likely to forget your gun in the car. They have a lot of models, so there is a good chance there is one for your vehicle.

If you are right-handed and you want to draw the pistol with your right hand. In the US, the driver is on the left side of the vehicle and the console is to your right. To mount the holster, it needs to face the correct way.

A holster is temporary and allows for easy access in the event you need your gun for protection. This is what we will be talking about; different styles and what people seem to like. Picking a holster for your on-body carry can take several purchases before you find one you like. My neighbor wanted a version of my LCP Steering Column Holster for his center console, so I tweaked it a bit and printed one for him. It has a flat mounting side for sticky tape to hold it on the side of the console.