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Best freshman dorm? : jmu

In addition, the dorms contain recreation rooms in which there is a tv and some dorms have pool tables. I’m a sophomore so most of my courses so far have been gen eds and on average they’re really good. In other words, some have been phenomenal and some I kind of had to muddle through, but you get that everywhere. I’ve learned a lot outside of the classroom, too, whether through conversations with the people here, in clubs I’ve joined, or at activities on campus. The cost to live on JMU’s campus in addition to tuition is around 17,000. There’s not much debt after graduation and they do work with you financially even if it’s arranging loans for you.

With 18,000+ students, this small feeling university has so much to offer that there is no need to conform. I work at the calling center, and talk to many alumni. Not one of them had a bad experience here and tell me how much I am going to miss it after graduation, which I already know.

If you’re thinking of rushing for a sorority, you’ll be close to all the action. If you love the view of the lake, you’ll love the Tree Houses. If you’re someone who loves to work out you’ll be right next to UREC and the Arboretum.

The only annoying thing was the football games on the weekends were loud. I’m sure now that a lot of the newer dorms or upgrades make it lower on the rosemont college cost list but it did have some upside. Living off-campus offers students many opportunities to develop as people and heighten their college experience.

As much as JMU would love to advertise all their residence halls as beautiful, rewarding places to live, there are still obvious winners and losers. AC or no AC, suite style or hall style, we’re all paying the same price, so get cozy. Unless you live in Lakeside or the Village, where getting cozy is just too hot. Another problem that I had in the dorm was the tendency for partying. Because I came in as a junior I was mostly taking 300 level classes that required a lot of focus in order for me to maintain my grades. Towards the end of my first semester, I simply began to stay at the library until I could finish all of my work, but I shouldn’t have been forced to do so.

The only time the word “best” can be used to describe Eagle is when comparing it to the other Lakeside dorms. Eagle has no AC, hall style bathrooms, and elevators that always seem to break down, but at least it has the reputation of being fun. All the Skyline dorms have the hugest rooms, stunning views of East Campus, and air-conditioning, with the small drawback of hall-style bathrooms. Potomac is within paces of E-Hall and Festival, which are arguably the most delicious dining halls on campus. Obviously, if you’re coming to JMU, you already know that it’s like a serious party school like, that’s not a lie, like the party. Like, there will literally be a party from Thursday night to Saturday night.

Also, Mrs. Green’s is one of the best eating places on the JMU campus so you might want to stop by and check it out. So you might not be directly on the quad, but Hillside is right next to the tennis courts and has its own green space in front of it for students to use. You’re situated right in the middle of campus so you’ll have somewhat of a walk to class. Kendall is an undergraduate English major at James Madison University! She enjoys listening to Ariana Grande and reading.