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best fishing rod for fishing :: Black Desert General Discussions

Find a fishing spot, set up with your rod, and get to it. I might at a later date make a complete fishing guide, but I feel that there are already a few good ones out there. The bonuses, equipment and such don’t change if you are on a boat.

However, once you can make a few bottles of exotic wine and a few thick rods at a time, you will be sorted for a decent fishing speed. This location is never super crowded and nothing troll-ish happens there. In a few hours, I usually catch close to two million worth in silver.

Getting this 5% increase to your yellow grade fish chance means that for every 100 throws, on average five fish which would have been blue or below are instead yellow. I go into detail on how this works in my general fishing guide. While at the same skill level, a +7 Epheria rod might fill your inventory long before losing its durability, making it less useful in comparison. Ross and Margoria seas all have faster than normal AFK fishing time.

If you’re reading this section, I am going to assume you’re pretty good with fishing already, so I’ll be quite brief. There has been speculation that a greater length of fish increases XP gain, but this is unconfirmed. If it is the case, the impact must be fairly small otherwise it would bloxburg realistic houses have been much easier to notice. Therefore I recommend not really worrying about fish length unless you want to win the biggest e-penis competition. To start out, you are going to struggle to reach +5 speed, as you will only have a basic rod and whatever food you happen to have.

This experience would surely help you in catching high-tier fish and piling them up in your inventory. Fishing Rods are equipped in your main-hand weapon slot. There are many different types of fishing rods you can use.

Hopefully this section will give you an understanding of fishing rods that will let you make a more educated decision in the future. Many people have struggled with deciding which fishing rod they should be using. Fishing rods can be a large investment of of silver , so it’s best if you get it right on your first try.