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Hot oil treatment twice a month to add additional moisture and elasticity to their hair. Menthol and neem leaf extract, to leave the scalp feeling fresh for up to 24 hours. C. Gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry with towel. Do not roll or rub the hair dry Nto the towel.

Even if this advice stands for all hair types and hairstyles, sleeping on a silk pillow should be on your list of priorities when you have locs. Cotton is great, but it soaks a lot of moisture so you can seriously damage your hair while sleeping. They can look more or less polished and natural.

Our stylists offer services for all your hair care needs, including faux locs installation. To learn more about Swivel Beauty, check us out here. Washing faux locs isn’t necessary since you are not dealing with your real hair. Keeping your box braids wavy hair scalp and edges moisturized and clean while you have faux locs is important however to protect your real hair. The key is also making sure your hair is healthy, strong, and well-moisturized before you get them installed to avoid breakage.

Pull the rest of the faux loc through the loop. Give the loop a slight twist first, then slide the hook under the braid. Use the hook to catch the rest of the faux loc. Hold the loop with your fingers, then slide the faux loc through the loop.

Learn how to wash, style and care for your locs with this step by step tutorial with PATTERN Beauty… Prevent dry, unnecessarily frizzy and damaged hair. The holy grail of hair care products, our Leave-In Conditioner treats your… An accessory too, we think they deserve a category of their own.

Allowing your natural fibers to recover and repair themselves without you having to sacrifice any of the style options that you want. Protecting your natural hair is important for anyone and needs to be a priority for anyone serious about style. A faux style is also great for the woman that wants to have locs, but is unsure of how they will look.

You should know that your hair will be much heavier with more packs of hair added. This can cause your natural hair to strain at roots, leading to headaches and pain. That means they keep your natural hair cozy and healthy beneath braiding hair.