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Belize vs South Pacific Fiji, Tahiti Fodor’s Travel Talk Forums

Stay in one of the iconic luxury bungalows with daily breakfast buffet, $100 resort credit and room upgrade when available. Be picked up in a yacht to be taken to your accommodations and later enjoy activities like diving with sharks, go on. A sunset cruise together and enjoy a private dinner on the beach. With both being tropical island paradises, expect an abundance of fruit, coconuts and fresh fish. Below we pit Fiji vs Bora Bora as we look at the cuisine on offer.

All of Bora Bora’s bungalows are guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience. Here are some of the best bungalow resorts you should check out. This presents an experience for you to fully immerse yourselves in island living. Going to a fancy hotel with great rooms is something you can do anywhere. However, Bora Bora offers you a chance for your getaway to be more unique and exciting.

This beautiful island has high mountains, rainforests, and hills, the most beautiful things to explore. Tahiti honeymoon partners can enjoy blissful cuisine, endless exciting activities, and heaven-like villas with coconut cream and lime juice. It has some great beaches but is less soft than Fiji or Bora Bora. Fiji is also a vacation destination where there are many things to do away from the beach too. This volcanic island nation is full of mountains, hills and rainforests that are begging to be explored. For one of our favorite beaches though, head to Matira Beach for white sands bora bora vs fiji vs maldives surrounded by greenery. Bora Bora specializes in upmarket resort holidays, and has become an exceptionally trendy destination in recent years. The scenery and lagoons on the island – and in French Polynesia in general – are spectacular, and we believe they are better than what you get in Fiji.

Tuamotu atolls like Rangiroa, Tikehau, Fakarava, and Manihi are getting additional and additional well-known. After all, archipelago are notable thanks to the notable painter. The verdant rainforests of Fiji are home to a wide range of flora and fauna. You can enjoy a hike through the forest and see some of the country’s unique wildlife along the way. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of one of the island’s famous flying foxes! For those who prefer to climb, there are also plenty of opportunities for rock climbing in Fiji.

There is a lot of culture and diversity in Fiji hence you are not limited in the number of activities that you can do as well as places that you can visit. However as such a popular destination, Bora Bora has become quite commercialized and overbuilt with resorts. And the overwater bungalows that it’s famous for are incredibly expensive. If you want gorgeous white sand beaches, and crystal clear swimming water then Bora Bora and Fiji will both be perfect. Each has an unbelievable coastline, however they also offer quite different vacations. Activities like snorkeling in the lagoon, scuba diving, and watching the sunset cruises on the reefs are common to the visitors of Bora Bora.