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Beginners Crochet Starter Kit Make a Scarf

You will usually get a set of instructions, a crochet hook, and yarn. More advanced kits may also include other crochet notions. For our versatility metric, we compared the kits on how soon you might outgrow average crochet hook size them or need to purchase additional tools or materials. However, the yarn skeins are a bit small, so you will probably need to find other yarn if you are looking for a large monochromatic project.

Use this kit to crochet a basket for your plants, or even use them as a catch-all container. The kit can be customized to the colors you want to make your baskets in, so they are unique to you. If you’d rather make a home decor project, check out this kit for crochet hanging baskets.

The pattern is simple as well, using only Single Crochet and Double Crochet stitches. One reviewer says, “An absolutely WONDERFUL kit! I’ve never crocheted until this – it had everything I needed, clear instructions via the videos, and was such a fun little beginner project.” Beginning crocheters will love this easy crochet cowl project designed with stripes of vibrant color. We made all of these and more to help you find the perfect crochet kit. This kit includes just about every accessory you might need.

Toy stuffing is normally pretty cheap, but if you just need a very small amount of stuffing you could try using left over yarn ends or cotton wool instead. While amigurumi can appear difficult to a beginner crocheter, it truly isn’t with this set. Sarah Stearns has helped thousands of makers find their next craft project with free patterns and step-by-step tutorials on her blog, This multi-colored crochet wrap is made from a surprisingly simple pattern. In fact, the only techniques you need to know are single crochet and how to change yarn colors. Make your own chunky crochet cowl with this beginner’s kit.

Consider this simple scarf project kit that can be purchased on Sometimes kits will include other basic crochet supplies. These items are usually ones that you’ll need to get started on your journey of how to start crocheting. The best crochet kits for beginners who want to learn how to crochet. Here is a super simple learn to crochet kit for beginners.

It has 12 interchangeable heads with hook sizes from 2.0 mm – 8.0 mm and an integrated led-glowing light that will allow you to work in the dark. It really helped me learn how to read a pattern and to complete various steps of an amigurumi. I may be biased, but I think making a crochet hat is the perfect way to learn crochet!