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Bathroom Open Showers Wood Counters Design Photos and Ideas

They can be used in a variety of spaces including bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, or even in offices. Wooden tiles can cater to your natural sensibilities and create surroundings that you will simply love. Wooden tiles can also add to your mental health as they release happiness hormones, according to various studies.

Wooden planks that are very popularly used in modern and trendy house decor. Mosaic tiles as they are easy to clean and can be simply wiped with a damp cloth. While the glossy or polished surface is perceived to be easier to clean, you can brazil wood plant go for a soft matt surface also which will control the reflections in the bathroom. This is the place where hygiene and safety are most important. Choose tiles which are easy to clean, slip resistant and germ-free for the best result.

Usually, you can achieve this feat by using a single or dual colour tone for the area. If your bathroom lacks a window for direct sunlight, it’s better to stick to a reflective and lighter colour palette. In any case, a white glossy surface for walls is always an easy choice for smaller bathrooms. You can mix this with pink, ocean blue, natural green or grey colour to create your combination.

In this bathroom, designer Jessica Helgerson keeps it classic with 3×6 white tile from Pratt and Larson’s Simple Solutions line, which offers a wide variety of trim options. For example, the tile wainscot has a decorative base and top cap, and a different cap is used for the edge of the tub. She then uses traditional black-and-white hex on the floor, creating a decorative border with the white tile. Here, designer John McClain created an accent wall with gorgeous glazed green tile installed in a herringbone pattern on just one wall, for maximum impact. Limiting tile to just a focal wall is also a great way to save money, especially when working with a pricey material.

Turned the vanity area into a focal point with charcoal wood planks, a malachite-green vanity and 24×24 slate floor tiles. Cream and gray stars mix trendy cement tile into this otherwise traditional bathroom. Centuries-old cement tile is a great choice for any wet space, thanks to the material’s non-glazed and, therefore, non-slippery surface. Casey is a freelance writer, wife, cat owner, houseplant collector and coffee drinker. She loves browsing Pinterest for new recipes and decorating ideas, and rearranging her many gallery walls.