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Badass Girl Names

Badass last names reflect power, courage, and resilience. They don’t portray anything evil but inculcate perseverance and determination to achieve goals. Hence, such names have a unique appeal. names for a bike If you wish to know some common badass names, keep scrolling through the post for some unique ones with deep meanings. You can even pick up something you like to have a code name or username.

Libertad might be considered a Spanish virtue name or word name. See our list of other Spanish word names. Looking for a strong baby name for your little one that will grow with her from the playground to the boardroom? A girl name may sound fierce, but when you look up the definition, it may mean something quite the opposite of the vibe you’re going for. We get it, you want your little one to exude strength, confidence, and be unique all at once. After all, there’s only one of her in the world.

What makes someone badass is their willingness to stand up for what they believe in and do what feels right to them, come what may. Everyone loves a bad boy, or so they say, so if you have a little guy on the way, why not consider a quintessential badass name? Being badass isn’t about breaking the rules or being the tough guy; instead, it’s all about marching to the beat of your own drum. In most cases, our last names are inherited from our parents, and there is little we can do about it. Check out this list of last names if you want to change yours. If you find a title that you like, you can consider going through the legal process to change it to your preferred choice.

If you like these fierce girl names you’ll also like this huge list of city names. A title is used to identify people all over the world. Some of these titles are purely inherited, while others have been adopted from other cultures. This list contains some of the best badass titles for boys you’ll ever come across. Irish surnames beginning with “O” originated with the Gaelic “ua,” appearing as “uí” or “Ó.” It means “grandson of” and began around the 11th-century in Ireland.

We have many names on this list that are both common and unique. Nonetheless, they are still the best names for those wanting to raise an empowering, strong young woman. Stop your search for the best baby girl names because we have them all here! Consider these cool, badass names to be the perfect name for your baby. These baby names can encourage your little girl to grow up to become a strong, independent, and powerful woman just like her mother. We have badass girl names from many nationalities.

It may be a diminutive of “eidhean,” meaning “ivy,” which is the top definition. Gleason comes from the Gaelic O’Glasain. Glasain uses the root “glas,” meaning “green” or “inexperienced.” The royal Gleasons were both lords and kings in County Tipperary and Cork. Egan is composed of “aedh,” meaning “little fire,” and the diminutive “an.” Egan also means “endowed with youthful vigor,” which makes this old name new again.

Some may be expecting a child, while others are dissatisfied with their current situation, and still, others simply want a change. Murphy is the most well-known Irish surname. Wolfe originally appeared as the Medieval German surname, Wolfgang. Wolfe arrived in Ireland through Anglo-Norman settlers in the 12th-century, especially in Kildare and Limerick. Phelan and Whelan are common Anglo versions of the Irish Ó’Faoláin. It technically means “like a wolf” for a unique type of fierce Irish clan.

Harley has become more popular as a girl’s name because of the DC character Harley Quinn. She is pretty badass, and Harley works well as a girl or baby boy name. This is one mountain you can climb with our easy-to-understand guide to Irish surnames that cover multiple eras. We’ll walk you through the history, meanings, variations, and the most famous bearers of the name.

Aslanov means “son of Aslan” and is a patronymic surname. The first name Aslan means “lion” and is of Turkish origin. In the field of creativity, some search for beautiful last names to identify a character in a script or book they are writing. Whichever reason one may have, these pretty last names have been compiled to suit different people’s expectations from all over the world. We all identify ourselves with specific names. Do you like it, or would you change it if given a chance?

Of Italian origin, Leventis is derived from Levantine which means “people from the East”. It refers to armed sailor or pirates from the Middle Ages. In Greek, the name has a positive connotation and means “fearless and gallantry”. The name is of Albanian origin and Leka is an Albanian personal name. In classical Greek “lampros” means “radiant”; ”luminous” and “brilliant”.