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Backspin T-Shirt 20% OFF

Returns are at your cost except in the case of faulty items. Backspin Tee is one of the most stylish addition to KEMI’s athleisure collection. It comes with a unique twist and the upside-down triangle cut-design at the back adds fashionable look to a regular tee. Your team is one of the best customer support teams I’ve encountered in the middle east in 10 years! Time and time again you have resolved any and all issues incredibly fast.

Having said that we have tee sales from ages of 7 year olds to the Major Leagues. At this time, due to the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic,we don’t offer exchanges. You can always return your product and re-order once you have received your refund.

Generally, we think the question does the backspin tee really worklikely misunderstands the point of the backspin tee. You can hit a ball off a traditional tee with the same angle how to slide into a base and spin that you could with a backspin tee. We talk so much about being on plane with proper launch angles. This is a great visual before having to swing in a live game.

This is exactly what pro hitters talk about doing while hitting. Hitting the right part of the ball to get more line drives. This is the first tee I have ever ran across that conditions my swing to stay in my legs, which is imperative for a hitter who wants to stay on the ball. And with the Elite Angle Attachment add on feature option, and angle of attack is now accomplished in your training. The backspin ships directly from Backspin, due to this shipping times may be slightly delayed.

A suspended ball in the air being held in any fashion has no benefit over each other. Its what is being covered and where the rubber is placed is where the benefit really shines. Duties and taxes may be applied by customs in the country where the delivery is made. The responsibility for any customs duties, foreign taxes or other fees that may be imposed will rest with the customer.

P.E logomania continues to evolve and elevate the everyday aesthetic, matching your vision and keeping in step with your self-expression. A new-season rust-tone P.E Nation logo patch sits on the sleeve. We use different size cones for both baseball and softball cones, but they are very easy to transition between when needed.