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Auction: Business Liquidation Surplus #12415 ITEM: 2 JUGS #FGS1809 Football Passing Machines

And, of course, it can be used on the defensive side of the ball to help the secondary and linebackers in coverage drills. Lastly, the punter and field goal kicker can get a lot of snap practice. Receiver Emmanuel Sanders recollects that he has caught “thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands” of balls via the machine. “It’s definitely been pivotal for my success,” he added.

He has already compiled more than 100 catches for more than 1,000 yards in less than two NFL seasons. The first time Johnson used the machine was as a freshman in college. Players use the Jugs machine differently, some with emphasis in the offseason and training camp, others as a daily pre- or post-practice curveball vs breaking ball ritual. The Field General lacks the ability to do kickoffs. Some coaches do not believe this is overly important and will elect to save the money with the Field General Football Throwing Machine. Both JUGS Machines are great options and will help your players receiving skills in no time.

“The Jugs machine has helped me a lot,” Collins said. “We have ball drills after practice. Catching deep balls, balls that are right in your face. Different areas. Because we don’t get the opportunity to have balls coming to us every day.” “I have been amazed at what this piece of equipment can do in the training of receivers,” Berry wrote to Paulson. “You might go through a whole practice and get two to three passes,” Wallace said. “And to me that’s not enough to get better that day. But if you’re catching 100 before practice and 100 after practice, you’ve caught 203 balls that day instead of catching three.” Click this button to add items to the “My Quote” form listed at the top of the website.

Just as he did at previous stops in Minnesota and Miami, he’s returning the favor of Ward by mentoring young Ravnes receivers Breshad Perriman, Chris Moore and Keenan Reynolds. Office hours usually include a session with the Jugs machine. The Jugs machine isn’t just for players who make catches for a living. Giants safety Landon Collins, perhaps the defensive revelation of 2016, has reinvented himself as a good-hands guy.

Be cautious when you are considering purchasing someone’s old football passing machine cheap. It may not be such a great deal in the big picture. Are you willing to drive a long distance to even go look someone’s used football passing machine? The unknowns are plenty when trying to find a used machine like this to use for your son, team or organization.

Return specialists ask continuous practice catching the football. With JUGS Football Passing Machine the players catch more passes and kicks in a week compared to what they normally would during an whole season. It can be used for kickoffs and punts with high-lofting, end-over-ends kicks with up to a 7-second hang time .