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Ariat WorkHog 8″ Waterproof Work Boot Brown

I’m really pleased with the fit, and these are some of the most comfortable boots I own. The instep is firm without any restriction, and there’s surprisingly little heel slip. Part of the reason why this boot feels so comfortable is due to the breathable, cushioned wicking liner. It adds a layer of padding that fills in some of the gaps that might occur around your ankle and heel.

My right boot was squishy with water and my sock was soaked. My previous pair held up much longer than this pair. These boots are essentially useless now and are still drying how to get to foundation halo infinite out. A natural follow up question to “are cowboy boots waterproof” is whether or not they are good in the snow. Not all cowboy boots are good for wearing in the snow.

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The Ariat Intrepid has two useful features that my WorkHogs don’t. First, the VentTEK panels make the Intrepid even more breathable as the cowboy boot detailing up top is actually mesh venting, which I think is pretty cool . And with the molded heel protector and roomier carbon toe, these offer the top level of safety for your feet.

There are a few factors to consider when wearing cowboy boots in the snow. This boot also features Ariat’s revolutionary U-Turn Entry System®, allowing for easy entry with a true fit regardless of foot shape. All this balanced on a 90-degree heel to keep the workforce standing square. For the few negative reviews, one of the concerns was with the leather cracking after a year or so. If you punish your boots like I plan to, it’s important that you condition and waterproof your boots every 6 months so the leather stays supple and nourished. The outsole has a ton of grip, which is incredibly useful when you’re up on a roof.