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Anand Deverakondas ‘Pushpaka Vimanam’ is based on real-life stories- The New Indian Express

The trailer of the film showed the hilarious plight of the actor trying to hide that his wife has eloped. “Pushpaka Vimanam” rests on a simple but exciting plotline. Not every day that we see a story of a main hero’s wife getting eloped. But why did his wife leave him just ten days after their marriage?

He meets Radhika one day and instantly falls in love with her. But, much to Tillu’s surprise, Radhika drags him into a mess. The rest of the story is about how DJ Tillu manages to get out of this huge mess. Get reviews of the latest theatrical releases every week, right in your inbox every Friday.

Actor Anand Deverakonda has teamed up with debutant director Damodara for a comedy-thriller titled Pushpaka Vimanam. “The film centres on the theme of modern marriages and also offers an insight into the emerging relationship issues. hridayam movie near me It’s a film that everyone can relate to because we come across such tales on a daily basis,” says Damodara. He is a man of principles, sentiments and superstitions and his fixation with these qualities land him in a tricky situation.

However, the streamer has not confirmed such reports yet. On the other hand, according to a report from Telugu aha, the movie is yet to announce its official release date and rights to an OTT platform. On the whole, “Pushpaka Vimanam” has an exciting idea on paper, but doesn’t get translated onto the screen convincingly. Saanve Megghana as a budding actress gets some scene-stealing moments. She scores over the main lead newcomer Geet, who doesn’t make any impression with her part.

When his colleagues want to meet his wife, he asks an actress known for short films to act as his wife for one day. Anand does a good job as the desperate man who feels cornered in a situation he hates. He might falter in some emotional scenes but he manages to shoulder a film that unfolds from his point-of-view for the most part. Saanve is a revelation whenever she’s on-screen – she’s beautiful, hilarious and can clearly dance like a pro. Geeth is good enough in the role she’s offered, Naresh and Sunil breeze through his parts.