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According to Superstition, the Color of Your Underwear Could Determine Your Luck in 2022

We all need something that brings happiness and luck these days. This color denotes feelings of liveliness, warmth, stimulation, motivation, adventure and happiness. It can help the wearer with enhanced confidence and decision making. Orange can also help a person recover from disappointments or a wounded heart. For folks in the U.S., finding a smashed plate or glass at your door wouldn’t be pleasant.

In some Latino cultures, wearing a fresh pair of yellow underwear on New Year’s Eve is said to usher in wealth and prosperity. The gold-hued underpants, however, must be received as a gift for them to work their sunny magic. Countries that adhere to this golden underwear rule include Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico. Some say wearing pink underwear on December 31 is sure to bring luck in love in the New Year. This rosy hue is preferred on this festive evening in South American countries like Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Many cultures believe eating round foods on New Year’s Eve will lead to prosperity.

On New Year’s Day, parents also wake up their children by gently bonking their kids on the head with the onions that were outside. And in the Philippines, revelers don’t just try to eat circles — partygoers wear them, too. Polka dots are all the rage on December 31, increasing the chances for good luck in the michael phelps stripped of medals new year. For 2020, the colour green is very auspicious, as this symbolizes the colour that strengthens the WINDHORSE of the year, thereby bringing strong success luck. For almost all the animal signs, the colour green will be very auspicious in 2020. Purple represents divinity, immortality, love and romance.

In the United States, most people tune in to watch the Times Square ball drop at midnight. People will even fly from out of the country just to watch the moment happen live. In many countries, especially Latin America, people will wear brand new underwear in a specific color to ring in the new year.

A list of the lucky underwear colors you can wear to bring yourself love, wealth, peace, and good health in the new year. Many cultures think it is bad luck to wear black underwear on NYE, so why risk it – just save your little black pair for another day. The most common question about what color underwear should you wear under white pants is whether or not black underwear is acceptable or not. While some people believe that black underwear may make your white pants appear dingy, it really won’t make much difference at all if you’re wearing dark colored pants . Dark colored pants don’t show through as much as light colored ones do anyway, so if you really want to wear black underwear underneath your white pants, then go ahead and do so.